Emma tells you how she ditched traditional wedding stationery designs

When it comes to quirk, individuality and playfulness, Ginny & I have it in spades. We talk to the wedding stationery company’s founder, Emma, about how she brings a fresh and fun element to tying the knot.

         wedding stationery suite design

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Oh hi there. My name is Emma (Ginny is just a nickname), and I live in a Victorian terraced house in Oxford where I sit weaselling away on my designs. I also spend loads of time in the countryside with my horse, Roo, who never fails to make me smile. I create bespoke wedding stationery for couples with a thirst for something truly unique and personal, and do you know what? I love it.



How did you get into design? Was there a defining point in your career, and if so, how did it shape you as a designer?
From a child I have always been extremely creative. I flourished at art and, at the end of my school education, there was a fork in the road. I took the theatre route over art at uni and then didn't really pick up another sketch book for about 6 years!

In 2013 I got married to my now-husband, Kurt, and while planning for our wedding I found it very hard to find any stationery I liked. So I dusted off the sketch book and began to rekindle my love of design. Our invitations were born, and I had so many comments from people (who had no idea I'd designed them!). Then I put on my business hat and did a dance.



Where do you go to find inspiration?

I get so much from being outdoors; I think that’s really important. I'm a big animal lover and I incorporate them in every design. I just think you can't beat a picture of an otter wearing a waistcoat...even people who don't like animals can't help but smile. I love working so closely with my clients too, it’s vital to draw inspiration from them.




On your site you say “traditional stationery makes us zzzzzz...” When did you decide that you wanted to do something different and how do you think you’ve succeeded?
 When I say "traditional" I mean black Vivaldi style font, cream textured card and reams of centred text. Peeps take one look at that toss it back down onto the kitchen side and eventually it will become buried under boring bills etc.




 I aim to create paper goods that will take pride of place; something that guests will sit and pore over. Wedding stationery has changed so much over the years, and now there are so many non-traditional options, which I think are brilliant. But I think what Ginny & I offers is a chance for couples to say, 'look, this is what I want, make it happen!'

It’s hard to find high quality, hand-painted illustrations combined with modern, stylish typography—it’s often either one or the other. I hope what I offer is gateway for couples to explore and communicate their personality, playfulness, quirkiness and style.


What design software could you not live without?

Illustrator. One year ago I had no idea how to use a Mac or Illustrator! I slowly taught myself and now I'm flying!

And finally, what tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in design or wedding stationery?

I'd say don't be put off by thinking you won't stand out. You will, over time, gradually develop your own style without even knowing it! When you have your own style, that's when you will be in demand. So be patient, have courage and just go for it! Oh, and also practice (a lot).

You can find Ginny & I on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Drop by and say hi!


Anne-Charlotte S
22 Apr 2015 16:12
This is lovely!
22 Apr 2015 16:38
Thank you, looks great. x
David Brookes
22 Apr 2015 19:31
Love this :-)
22 Apr 2015 20:18
Really sweet illustrations - it's nice to see something genuinely original.
Sam Miller
23 Apr 2015 14:30
Emma, your designs are lovely and quirky. It's so refreshing to see something different. I agree, wedding stationery (just like getting married) should be fun and memorable!
Stuart Glegg
08 May 2015 16:55
Wow, really unique stuff
12 Nov 2015 08:21
Fantastic designs, so original :)
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 14:52
I love her style

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