Discovering display boards: 4 ways to wow with them

Display board printing

Hello, humble reader. We’d like to introduce you to a friend of ours: display boards. We’ve known display boards for a while now, so we’d like to take you on a journey of discovery that’ll help you get to know this standout print product and hopefully encourage you to use them yourself.

Suss the basics

Before we delve into the full-on facts, let’s take a minute to go over the four different mounting options available for display boards.

Display boards lightweight 'Open' sign

• Lightweight options
If you wanted to stick your display boards up on the wall or lean them up and display them indoors, Foamcore and card are your two best mounting options. Foamcore is a core of foam sandwiched between two thin cardboard outer layers for lightweight sturdiness. F you need something simple and effective, card is your go-to mount.

• Heavyweight options
If you wanted to use your display boards outside or needed something a little more hardcore, then Foamex or Correx are for you. Foamex is a ridged PVC foam board and Correx is similar to the corrugated plastic signs you see for estate agents. They’re thick, waterproof and strong.

Depending on what you’re using them for, you can add matt or gloss lamination to your display boards. Get matt on the case when you need good readability in all lighting and a cool, modern finish. If high impact, high colour is your game, gloss lamination is ideal.

The inspirational bit

1) Keep your shop floor looking sharp
Keeping your visual merchandising relevant and eye-catching is crucial if you’re going to encourage potential customers to buy. Lucky for you, printing up a new set of display boards every season is easy and affordable. We recommend Foamcore or card, positioned with each of your different product ranges or stories throughout your shop floor.

Display boards art and photography printing

2) Artsy prints for the home
If your designs are selling like hotcakes in your online store, maybe it’s time to think about going supersize? Recreate your most popular designs on card or Foamcore and create some original, cool artwork for the home or workplace. They’re a guaranteed winner every time!

3) Presentations made presentable
We know what you’re thinking—there’s no way in heck I’m going to print up a whole set of display boards for my next presentation. Well we say: why the devil not? They’re quick and easy to make and very affordable to order. And that’s not taking into account how fancy they’ll make you look in front of your audience.

4) Catch eyes at exhibitions
Whether it’s your best designs, examples of some of your most successful projects, or some handy benefits and stats, printing up a set of display boards to garnish your exhibition stand is a good idea. An attractive, informative display is a great way to lend your business extra credibility and help showcase your skills.

Display boards stack

So, now that you and display boards are firm friends, maybe it’s time to head to the site and create a set of your very own?


David Brookes-Lennon
04 Aug 2015 22:32
I use them as table plans too :-)
09 Oct 2015 07:58
Perfect for exhibitions :D

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