Discover how to get the most out of mentoring

Mentorships are becoming increasingly popular among B2B marketers as a way of supercharging a career. But how do you ensure both mentor and mentee get the most out of the relationship? Lucy Fisher investigates

The B2B Marketing Leaders Report has revealed that more than two thirds of marketing leaders are planning ‘mentoring and coaching’ activity to develop their team’s skills sets, as opposed to formal qualifications and training. While it is possible that financial motivations lie at the heart of this – given that mentoring often involves individuals offering their wisdom free of charge – senior figures in the industry suggest, too, the economic downturn has led to a growing trend for individuals to seek out others as part of a plan to seize control of their career development.

Nicholas Green, founder and managing director of says that he is a huge believer in the principles behind such schemes but thinks it’s important to differentiate between a manager and a mentor. “Mentors can help you tackle things like not getting a promotion,” he says. “They can help you to stay positive. For it to be successful, I think there’s got to be a spark.”

Source: "Discover how to get the most out of mentoring" (B2B Marketing)


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