Design... is there an app for that?

Far from being just a pencil and paper job, designers are frequently turning to online applications and platforms to help them create and publicise work in the creative industry. We’ve asked around to find the top five best apps for designers currently available, and why you might want to give them a try!


This site is designed to be a platform to hold and store multimedia files for sharing and easy organisation. Evernote has several different products for different outlets which make it more useful than your average data storage site or online organiser. You can download this application onto your phone, tablet or computer, so it can be used anywhere; a portable, multimedia diary which you can share.

The online file sharing and storage Evernote offers is incredibly useful for project or team work, so you can stay organised, regardless of whether it is a webpage, photo or document you want to keep or share. The search function will let you access anything you have uploaded quickly and without any fuss- great for the freelancer on the go. If you’re still not quite sold, add-on products such as Penultimate and Skitch are cool applictions which allow the user to write directly onto a tablet or device, which is great for quickly sketching or writing down ideas which you want to work on later.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A mini, mobile version of Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express was made specifically for customising photos and sharing them across social media sites. You’ll be able to alter any flaws and add cool filters and effects to your photos from your mobile phone before sharing them with your mates on Facebook or Twitter.

So much more than your average photo-customisation application, Adobe Photoshop Express will give you the opportunity to really edit your pictures by cropping, flipping, zooming in to edit and much more. This is the perfect tool for staying creative in the public eye and reminding Facebook fans and Twitter followers what you’re capable of creatively. It’s also great fun!


Behance is a platform designed for creative professionals to showcase their work. This site allows you to upload your work in stages so others can see it as it progresses, as well as providing a professional-looking customisable online portfolio complete with web performance tracking.

Establishing and aligning yourself with other professional designers is a great way to give your work more credibility. Behance features its own jobslist of creative jobs in your area, and with your stunning portfolio available to view, this site makes getting your dream client or job just that little bit easier!


For lovers of typography, Fontly is an app available across a multitude of device types and will capture, map, share and identify various kinds of font. Using this app will enable you to collect font together in a portfolio for future reference. This is a living library of real-life typefaces, constantly being added to for the most thorough catalogue you can image.

This is easy to download and use on your mobile or tablet and is great for obvious reasons- finding just the right kind of font can really set off a design, and having the largest interactive library can only be a good thing!


Not just a great app for wiling away your coffee break looking at funny cat pictures, Pinterest is a brilliant inspirational resource and showcase for designers. An online pin board which the world can share, Pinterest is filled with beautiful and creative images of every description. You will be able to add these images to your own pin boards for future use, and to upload your own artwork and images for others to enjoy.

Using Pinterest will not only be a great way to catalogue everything which inspires you, but will also allow others to fall in love with your work and share it out across the world for unbeatable exposure.

Being a designer on the go is becoming easier and easier with dozens of great apps for every kind of device. Saving and cataloguing inspirational pieces and using them while you’re out and about is good way to stay current online and to make sure that when something inspires you, you don’t miss a moment!


Peter Stasiak
22 May 2013 12:51
I use them all but also I would add a Wunderlist to the list, a simple yet powerful to-do-list application which allows me stay on the task wherever I am and don't forget about anything important. And also there is a business version of the app which allow all users to collaborate on the task.
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
22 May 2013 17:11
Thanks for the tip, Peter!
Amy Glasgow
22 May 2013 17:49
Thanks for the tips, I only really used Facebook, but should get out there!
David Brookes
23 May 2013 13:43
I love Pinterest. Great way to get inspiration. Greta post :-)
Gareth While
24 May 2013 11:36
Cool great stuff, Behance looks great! cant believe I didn't hear about it before.
Lauren Mckiernan
13 Jun 2013 15:40
Pinterest is a favorite of mine, theres loads of inspiration on there!
08 Dec 2015 19:21
I'd not heard of Behance before, going to check it out :)

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