Customer stories: where are they now?

We love hearing your stories and you love telling them! We’ve had some brilliant guest posts and interviews on our humble blog since we launched, so here are the top 5 most visited, most shared posts, along with juicy details about what the authors are up to now…

Sarah Cowan from Lettica

In May, Sarah popped in to tell us all about using typography successfully in design. As a typographical enthusiast, her passionate post got everyone all hot under the collar and itching to get fonty.

What’s she up to now?

In my interview with I hoped that I would continue having a fabulous time working with print-loving clients and sharing my love of typography and letterpress, and since then that has certainly been the case. I have been really busy working on a great mix of projects with both new and established clients. There’s some branding and marketing collateral work for a brand new company, a brand refresh for an existing one, and lots of letterpress printing mixed in. Keep an eye out on my blog for the big reveal as each of these projects comes to fruition.

David Burgess from The Nosuch Disco

Long-time printed.commer, David, helped you prepare your Etsy store for Valentine’s Day this past February. He talked you through deciding which products to push, timelines to work to, stock and packaging. You folks loved it so much that his post skyrocketed to the top 6!

The Nosuch Disco Etsy Store

What’s he up to now?
We’ve been really busy over the last few weeks, as the Fat Kitty Tea Towels were featured on a Buzzfeed blog. It sent the shop into overdrive. It had quite a nice knock on effect as well, as made me some lovely A4 prints based on the towel’s design and they have been flying off the shelves too.

I'm currently working on some Fat Kitty metal/enamel badges, they should be landing in a few weeks, I'm really excited about these, as Fat Kitty has been very popular!

The Valentine's Day post was great and the immediate feedback I received was really good, it was nice to hear that people found my advise useful and that other sellers agreed it was good advice, it was nice to know I'm doing it right.


Anita from Say it with Brownies
Another long-standing customer, Anita’s gorgeous packaging is one of our favourite customer case studies. Seems you liked her too — her packaging and presentation masterclass was posted up on the blog in October last year to huge success.

What’s she up to now?
Since my last blog piece, I’ve baked an awful lot of brownies! Christmas 2014 was amazing with record sales, I was thrilled with how it went and everyone seemed to enjoy my White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Christmas flavour. It was my third Christmas since launching Say It With Brownies, and definitely the smoothest. 

This year has also seen good progress in sales. In particular, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day kept me extremely busy! I’ve experimented with some more unusual brownie flavours including Hot Chilli Chocolate Brownies for the more adventurous or Turkish Delight brownies, but the good old favourites like Creme Egg or Honeycomb brownies remain the firm favourites.

I’m currently enjoying the Isle of Wight summer but once autumn comes along it will be back to planning Christmas again… where do the months go?


Nina Thomas from Nina Thomas Studio
Nina stopped by the blog in May to share her tips on finding inspiration and learning new skills. She divulged which blogs she loved, how she collected ideas and where her style originated, and it seems you couldn’t get enough of her!

What’s she up to now?
At the moment I am expanding my wedding ranges, working on new product developments and moving into working with wholesale customers. All very exciting!

Gemma Hotchkiss from Jurassic Panda

You guys seem to love our Etsy sellers as much as we do, because anther one made it into the top favourites. Gemma from Jurassic Panda gave you 10 tried and tested ways to promote your Etsy store last June, and you thought her advice was the bee’s knees.

What’s she up to now?

When I first started Jurassic Panda I set up an Etsy and had a little blog/website which was a Tumblr with my own URL and I learnt a bit of HTML, (it was very basic but it did the trick!), I had a brand identity but nothing was very consistent, a lot of the text was handwritten, I liked the aesthetic of handwriting but it looked a little messy on products so I now have a couple of typefaces that I use on my branding, things like business cards and the stickers to go on my order packaging (including return address labels) so everything just feels a lot more professional.

I had gone for a very long time without business cards because I wasn't really sure if they would be worth having so I decided to make them dual purpose. They have a design on one side with a matte laminate and on the back its blank (apart from a bit of text at the bottom with contact details on) so that I can write a message to customers, they also double up as gift tags for anyone that wants their products sent directly to someone as a gift.

My range has also increased I now have new products and designs with more on the way (as soon as I get some time to draw!!)

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11 Oct 2015 09:48
Great to read these, best of luck to all these very talented creative people :)

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