Crimes against stationery contest - the winner!

The results are in. One month ago, we asked you to tell us your stationery-related injustices, and we were taken aback by the suffering you have all endured. 

We finally decided on a winner, who will receive a 3-month subscription to Papergang by Ohh Deer – a monthly box filled with brilliant stationery and paper products. It’s the least we could do after opening up some serious stationery wounds. Except maybe start a helpline, but we didn’t have the budget.


In third place is... Sarah Green!

Okay we think we need to march into Sarah’s office and have a ‘little chat’ with her colleague after this retched behaviour:

“Someone in my office keeps borrowing my funky fineliners while I'm not there and they never return them. And they act like they have no idea where they have gone - there's only two of us in the office and one is me!!! My 24 set is now down to 10 and they have damaged the tips on two of them!”


Second place is rewarded to... Sam J. Whyte!

Sam’s horror story just proves what one small action can lead to. We are wondering if maybe there was more to this breakdown in friendship, but Sam, if you unfriended this person simply for this one action, we salute you: 

“I bought a lovely little notebook a few years ago. It was small, unbranded, very minimal. Clean and beautiful. I had it on my desk at art college. My cruel, cruel friend spotted it and decided it would be hilarious to put a large black dot on the front cover with a marker. We are no longer friends, and the notebook is now used to prop up a leg on my broken, wonky desk.”


After much deliberation, our winner is…Emily Oldham!

This was an awfully tragic case of a school bully taking his anger and frustration out on a hardworking young lady, and pencils to boot. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a sharp confrontation in our time, so this really resonated with the team. And Emily, you deserve some stationery after this crime has obviously haunted you all the way into adulthood:  

“At school me and my friend Louise took great pride in our Forever Friends tin pencil cases. Each day we'd carefully rearrange our pens, pencils and rulers, and use the inside of the tin to display stickers of our favourite pop stars/soap stars from Smash Hits magazine (it was the mid 90s). Anyway one day in Geography class a boy we sat with found that he had a lower GCSE coursework mark than me and took out all my pencils and snapped them all! I almost cried! It was a very bad stationery day!!! 20 years on I'm sad to say I don't own a Forever Friends pencil case but still love my stationery!”


We’ll publish all the entries next week because quite frankly they are so readable and relatable, but in the meantime get your fix of wonderful paper products and stationery goods by printing with us. 


P.S. We'll be in touch after the weekend to sort prizes :)


Lisa B
02 Oct 2016 17:05
Congratulations to the winners!

I loved reading through all the entries in this competition. Would love to see more like this ☺
03 Oct 2016 10:04
Snapped her pencils lol that's a bit harsh
David Brookes-Lennon
03 Oct 2016 22:40
Oh I need to subscribe to these boxes. They look amazing

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