Creativity and Olympic Sponsorship

With the London 2012 Olympics kicking off in one week’s time, highlights the London 2012 sponsor’s stand-out campaigns.

British Airways

Don’t Fly. Support Team GB may appear as a rather contradictory tagline for a business that makes its profit from the very action it’s imploring people not to do, but this is exactly why British Airways’ London 2012 campaign has been such a head turner.


The campaign spans across television, print and digital landscapes, with an initial launch exclusive to Facebook users and a strong Twitter hashtag #HomeAdvantage initiative. The television advertisement features a BA aircraft taxiing by road through London concluding with the tongue-in-cheek tagline. This clear statement also appears throughout Great Britain on outdoor posters and in newspapers. The campaign includes a digital element where people can input their postcode into an app to see the plane taxiing through their neighbourhood. 

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble have released a beautifully shot, international television advertising campaign, Proud Sponsors of Mums as their primary contribution to the sponsor campaign sphere.  The tear-jerker features mothers from all over the world supporting competitors as they progress from child athletes to Olympians.

This is a smart, emotive effort from P&G - in showcasing the Olympics from a mothers’ perspective, the brand adds a heavy dose of sentiment to the London 2012 campaign effort and is smartly aligned with their product offering (consistently adorned with the iconic Olympic logo) and consequent target demographic. 


Adidas’ London 2012 campaign, Take the Stage, is expertly on-brand with a roster of contemporary celebrity sports-men and women, pop-culture icons and musicians featured in the 60-second TV ad.   The television advertisement exudes creative-cool and aims to showcase British talent and encourages consumers to show off their own talents

The Take the Stage campaign goes hand-in-hand with Adidas’ ownership of the Team GB kit,  co-designed with leading fashion designer Stella McCartney, allowing the sponsorship campaign to be smoothly integrated in-store.  The London 2012 Take the Stage campaign has a strong online presence, complete with a capsule site, Facebook and Twitter representations and a heavy hashtag push. 

Tier 1 Olympic sponsorship comes at a pretty steep price, with companies paying between 40 and 80 million in exchange for extreme brand exposure, immediate coverage and positive brand alignment... oh, and the exclusive rights to utilising Olympic-related vocabulary in their marketing.   With this in mind, it’s no wonder the above these top-dogs went above and beyond with these creative campaigns.

These are just some of our favourites but this season has been filled with Olympics themed advertising campaigns, from shop windows to merchandise and TV; Let us know some of your favourites in our comments section below.



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