Creating Great Posters For Your Business

At we have sold posters to over 500 businesses. Posters are commonly used for retail displays, advertising and exhibitions.

Because posters are an important part of any print advertisement we supply indoor posters, outdoor posters and standard posters. We can print any size up to 1.5m x 6m and there is the option to laminate or encapsulate your posters for extra protection and durability. Even though you can print posters at any size, we also have a range of standard sizes for you to choose from.

While we print and supply the posters, we’re not the ones designing them - but here are some hints and tips for creating a successful poster:

  • Define the purpose of your poster. It should engage a person there and then or simply just provide information.
  • A poster can be seen as a huge business card. It should be personal and emphasise what your business is about, providing key information in a concise manner.
  • While most posters provide information, no one wants to read an essay. It's best to keep all writing prompt and clear.
  • Always keep your audience in mind. Who are you targeting with the poster?

When designing your poster we suggest the following:

  • If your poster is meant to be viewed from 3 feet away or under, 150-200dpi is the right resolution to use.
  • If it’s meant to be seen from more than 3 feet away, 100dpi is fine.
  • If you are using images in your poster, make sure they are high resolution.
  • Large font sizes are also a good thing to incorporate in to your design. Large font sizes make information easier to read especially when it comes to a poster that you want to be seen from a distance.


03 Mar 2016 11:56
Useful info :-)

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