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How to create your own gift voucher

During times of Covid, creating gift vouchers for your small business is a must. Whether you’re a coffee shop, beautician or clothing store- expanding your offering through the power of gifting is a great engagement tool. Not only does it create opportunities to find new customers through referral, but it can also help your existing customers feel valued.

At, we have all the paper stocks, sizes and finishes you can think of, which means that we can help make your gift vouchers look incredible. But when it comes to deciding on a design, where do you start?

We’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help you get going.

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Design considerations

Before you start your design, it’s important to think about how your voucher will be used. Are you offering a blanket seasonal promotion to all customers? Perhaps you are trialling a bespoke voucher for VIP customers that spend over a certain amount? Or maybe you’re selling vouchers individually to be used as personal or corporate gifts?

It could be something completely different from the above, but in any case, the occasion will determine to look and feel needed for your gift voucher.

Seasonal sales gift vouchers

If you want to create vouchers around a specific event, try to portray the event through your design. For instance, if you are doing a spring sale make sure the design feels bright and exciting with vivid use of colour. If you’re including vouchers with online orders, they must stand out to have a chance of being noticed. Craft a message that you know will speak to your customers; ‘Treat yourself‘, ‘Spring savings you’ll love‘ or even ‘A little thank you‘ can be great ways to add a personality to your design.

We’ve all been guilty of throwing away that ‘20% off No.7‘ voucher at Boots, or placing that ‘50% off wine when you spend £100‘ voucher straight into the recycling bin. So when you’re deciding on your promotion, make sure to consider any recent sales or product trends so you can send the right offer at the right time.

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VIP gift vouchers

To keep your customers coming back, you may decide to send gift vouchers to a select number of VIP clients. This can be a great opportunity to make them feel extra special. Not only can this maintain brand loyalty, but it can also promote word of mouth and referrals and showcase your business as a brand that really gives back.

When it comes to VIP gift vouchers, you can really go to town. With finishes such as Foiling, you can make your design both aesthetically pleasing as well as a nice surprise. Colours such as Rose Gold, and Silver can add a glamorous feel whereas Red, Blue and Copper Foiling options can fit with most brand palettes. Other ways to create standout could be through luxury paper stocks, which can add a tactile feel to your gift voucher. Papers such as Pearl Oyster and Conqueror Gold add opulence and charm with a really high-end feel. A great choice to really show off!

To discover more about our special finishes head here and if you want to meet our papers in person you can order your free sample pack here.

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Gift vouchers for special occasions

While we all continue to adapt our lives to yet another lockdown, sending sentiments such as gift vouchers and subscriptions have been increasinglt popular. It’s a time where we’re craving experience (as well as something to look forward to!) so whether it’s a voucher for our favourite brand, or a massage appointment paid in advance- the opportunity to involve your business in this trend is ripe for the taking.

It’s important to prempt any particular holiday periods that could work well for your business. As well as bigger, seasonal opportunities such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, don’t shy away from advertising gift vouchers for birthdays, anniversaries and new arrivals too.

If you’re really looking to jump on the gift voucher trend, it might be worth designing a handful of different templates for popular occasions and letting your customers pick from a range of designs to suit. 

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Custom gift voucher template guidance

If you’re creating a custom gift voucher template from scratch, it’s important to make sure it contains all of the essential information (especially if you are ordering in bulk). As a basis, your voucher should include the following as a minimum:

  • Your logo and contact information: so you can be contacted easily
  • A unique voucher number: so you can track sales and redemptions
  • Voucher amount: To provide clarity on the sum redeemable
  • Voucher expiry date: To communicate when the voucher can be used
  • Additional T&Cs: This could be anything from the range of products the voucher is redeemable against, to a detail about your no-cash exchange policy. (You can add this in very small so that it doesn’t impact your design too much)

Amongst all of the above info, it’s important to make sure your brand stands out. Place your logo on a prominent place and use as few words as possible. A simple headline and an explanation on how to use the voucher is more than enough. A double-sided design will give you extra space as well. 

You may also want to showcase your social media handles. This is a nice way to extend your brand reach and encourage social sharing or your products and services. 

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Other considerations

Depending on your circumstances, there may be different avenues for using your gift vouchers, so we’ve highlighted a few more considerations below:

  • Envelopes: If you’re posting you gift voucher, then it makes sense to have envelopes that match. Plus it can really help them stand out on the doormat! We have a variety of Envelope options available, included Printed Envelopes if you really wanted to get personal with your customers.
  • Writable paper types: If you’re choosing to order a number of custom gift voucher templates, make sure that you take into consideration a paper type and finish that can be written on easily. You can find out more about our paper types here

And that’s it! You’re ready to get busy with gift vouchers.

Already have a design in mind? No problem! Get started with your order below. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us on if you have any questions.

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