Christmas crackers: 4 ways to prepare your business

Are you ready for the Christmas trade? Time is ticking on, and with the leaves already changing, it might be time to start working on those Christmas designs and organising your product offering so you’re ready for the Christmas shopping season. We’ve put together some easy ideas to help you get inspired to make a start.

Theme it up!
As with all good product ranges, it’s best to create a theme to design to before you get started. Using a solid theme as a jumping off point means that all the products will complement each other and make it easier for you to cross-sell your stuff and create sets for your customers to collect or mix and match.

Are you going to go simple and traditional, fairy-tale, kooky or faux-retro? If you aren’t sure, check our design predictions for Christmas 2014 here.  

Organise your cards
Being organised is going to help you stay ahead during a season that’s ridiculously busy and competitive. To beat the competition to a pulp, start designing your greeting cards now so you can get them to print in plenty of time. It’ll mean you have ample time to take your product shots and create listings ready for the rush in October and November.

It’s a wrap!
There’s nothing like buying the perfect gift and neatly finishing it in gift wrap that matches. Make sure you have the full set to offer by designing one of everything, with ribbons to match!

Photo by m01229

  • Wrapping paper
    Design and print sheets of wrapping paper by uploading your designs onto our A2 posters. They make gorgeous, uncoated single sheets of wrapping paper that you can co-ordinate with your greeting cards and gift tags.
  • Boxes
    It’s not as hard to create themed, customised boxes as you might think. Try printing up your own set of stickers to match the rest of your Christmas gift wrap or stationery and applying it to a plain box for a quick, easy matching gift wrap idea.
  • Swing tags/ luggage tags
    Show me the person that can resist a thick, perfectly printed swing tag and I’ll show you a fibber. If you wanted to create a set of swing tags to match your wrapping paper and greeting cards, why not use our business cards as a base? You can print them on uncoated card so they’re easy to write on, and punch your own hole in one end/corner. Thread these through with string, ribbon or baker’s twine for a professional finish.
  • Ribbons
    These never fail to add a little something to a gift.  We recommend choosing colour which matches your theme so you can accessorise them with the rest of your gift wrap and sell them in sets. If your gift wrap designs aren’t really the ribbon type, how about coloured baker’s twine or curling ribbon?

It can’t hurt to toss a couple of free stickers or gift tags in with your customer orders, just to spread a little good cheer. Your customers won’t forget it, and it might even ensure that they come back to you again next time they need something.

If you’re really feeling in the festive mood, how about creating your own line of salt dough ornaments to pop inside as a thank you? They’re cheap, easy, fun and quirky!


So what are you waiting for? Hit that sketch pad and start creating something original and fun for the on-coming festive season.



23 Sep 2014 11:11
Some brilliant tips here!

Can't believe how Christmas has snuck up again, I feel so unprepared. Love the idea for using business cards as swing tags.
24 Sep 2014 09:44
Some really great ideas!
Tina Mammoser
30 Sep 2014 11:51
An illustrator I worked for used biz cards for gift tags - it's such a cute idea! (my job was to punch the holes)

Love the gift wrap idea! Hadn't thought of that and might try it this year.
Su Mwamba
07 Oct 2014 22:12
Lots of great ideas here - I really do need to start thinkinh about Christmas...!
Lauren Parker
10 Oct 2014 10:04
Great Ideas, just got my christmas cards printed from you guys! So exciting. Might think of a freebie I can add into orders this year.
Petal Gifts
13 Oct 2014 10:43
Some really good advice here. Great tip about the wrapping paper!! Thanks.
Alex Wilkie
21 Oct 2014 11:40
a lot of good ideas here
Anne-Charlotte S
04 Nov 2014 09:24
Nice tips!
Charlotte Barrett
07 Dec 2014 21:31
Great tips for next year.
08 Feb 2017 11:15
all great ideas for next Christmas which I'll need to start thinking about very soon!

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