Charity Donation Challenge - you've blown us away!

This month, we made it possible for you to donate your rewards points to a charity of your choice. We were overwhelmed by your generosity when we saw that more than 10,000 points had been donated only a week after the programme went live.

Seeing the popularity of the programme and how the donations kept pouring through, we set you the challenge last week to reach 20,000 donated points before Christmas Day. A realistic target, don’t you think?

Imagine our surprise when we beat that in just one hour. And it didn’t stop there either.

In only a few hours, you had donated a staggering 110,000 rewards points, helping us reach a total of 120,000 points! That equates to more than £15,000 worth of print donated to charities in less than a day.

When we started the challenge, promised to double the donations made when we exceeded 20,000. Now we have achieved this, are going to double all donations made to Charities by Christmas day.

Obviously, this would not have happened if it wasn’t for you, our customers. Thank you so much for your kind donations, we still can’t believe what you had all done in less than 24 hours.

But let’s not let it stop there, keep donating your reward points and see what we can achieve by Christmas. You have already given the charities an early Christmas gift, now go on and make it an unbelievable start to the New Year! Imagine what your favourite charity could do with their funds when they don’t have to worry about their printing costs.

There are over 60 registered charities taking part in the rewards points donation programme including big names like the Salvation Army and the Mo Farah Foundation. If you haven’t done so already, get involved and donate your rewards points and you can be part of this amazing story


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