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Using Twitter to climb the business ladder

Don’t be excluded from the conversation! Twitter is the best way to get involved in worldwide current affairs and a way to connect directly with your customers. Here’s how to get started.

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Blogging for your business

How can writing a blog or creating content boost revenue for your business? We've put together a handy guide on introducing you to blogging and how to get it right.

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Branding your business

It’s a word thrown around a lot in the business world, but what is ‘branding’, and why should you care?

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How to start a business – 6 questions you need to ask yourself

Thinking of starting a business? Get your strategy sorted with our 6 key questions you need to consider before beginning.

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Weekend workers - insurance claims meets wedding stationery

In our final instalment of our weekend workers campaign, we met with claims handlers by day, wicked wedding stationery pros by weekend Clare and Ashleigh. The lovely ladies behind Lola & Elvis tell us how they balance their two jobs as well as how they launched and grew their business!

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How to become a successful craft fair, as told by The Fairy Tale Fair

We caught up with The Fairy Tale Fair's Founder Claire Montgomery on how she created one of the most successful crafty fairs out there, as well as how handcrafted gifts are on everyone's Xmas list this year.

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How to create a great shop window display

Retail is incredibly competitive, and with the festive season upon us, it is crucial to stand out against competitors. A strong window display can bring in those crucial customers, but how do you make your window display grab attention?

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Arrest All Mimics – the 10-year-old freelance creative!

It is funny how drawing at a young age can become a career. And some start really early - Liam Gall is already selling his creations in the playground, at 10 years old! Ben Tallon meets the budding entrepreneur to discuss business plans, drawing techniques and the future. Warning – this podcast is adorable.

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5 reasons postcards should be your go-to marketing essential

Find out why we think postcards should be your go-to marketing essential (if you needed any convincing, that is).

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Lettica: how to make designs more successful with typography

Sarah Cowan, typography expert and founder of Lettica, tells you how the correct type can make your designs more successful.

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