New product: moving ink business cards!

No, your eyes aren’t lying to you, the science lab at have actually developed a moving ink business card. Read on to find out how we did it and how you can get your own set…

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National Stationery Week: an ode to the handwritten letter

Five great letters from history – epic, moving and profound – reduced to 21st century text messages.

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How Irish are you?

Are there hidden Irish tendencies lurking inside you? Take our St. Patrick's Day quiz and find out!

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Four New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t make

We’re all guilty of it — promising ourselves the world on New Year’s Eve, only to wake up the next day with a list of excuses not to start anything. Well we’ve got a feeling 2014 is your year…

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Five tips to help you survive the office Christmas party

If you have a habit of waking up with a head full of cringe-worthy memories from the night before, take our mini-crash course and learn how to successfully survive your office party.

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Gearing up for the January sales: your how-to guide

Give January the old one-two this year and make the most out of the sales with our how-to guide on everything from advertising to merchandising.

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The Advent Calendar at

One of the best things about December is getting a little treat in your advent calendar every day. Here at, we’re taking it to the next level!

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Festive Fundraising Ideas

Natasha Milsted, children's charity Marketing Officer, gives you her top tips for your Christmas fundraisers.

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Seasonal printed gifts to promote your business

Never underestimate the impact of sending your clients Christmas gifts – you can bet that your competitors will be doing it!

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Top seven inspirational books for small businesses

Stuck for gift ideas for your entrepreneurial friends? We've worked with some of the top small business professionals to bring you our list of the best business books.

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