Show it off: the 2014 design showcase

You’ve been using social media to share your designs with us all year, so we gathered together some of our favourite #showitoff submissions for 2014.

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Why business cards still matter and how you can effectively use them

With the digital age well and truly upon us, do business cards still matter? Let's take a look at the reasons why we think they do (and how to use them effectively)!

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12 ingenious ways to recycle old business cards

Don’t even think about throwing those old business cards away! We’ve ferreted out a whole stack of creative and handy ways you can reuse them.

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5 ways to use stickers to convey your brand identity

Find out how to use stickers to carry your businesses brand identity far and wide with five low budget but high-impact solutions.

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How to create the perfect business card

Here at, we're firm believers that the business card is the ultimate piece of business print. Nothing is more crucial than those first early years, so read our tips and make sure you nail it first time.

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The history of greeting cards

We look at the fascinating story of greeting cards from their ancient elite origins to the today’s booming global business.

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More than a seaside souvenir, the future of postcards

We take an affectionate look at the story of the printed postcard so far, and wonder what the future holds for this much-loved means of communication

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Five ingenious ways our customers use postcards

Postcards are not just for sticking in the post! From promoting art to presenting products, we look at some of the ingenious ways our customers use their beautiful postcards.

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The power of a postcard

I love postcards. There, I have said it. As with books, I refuse to imagine a future where they don’t exist. How can they not? They are such a strong piece of human social history, as well as being a mini piece of history themselves.

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The leaflet: marketing’s stealthy ninja

So what makes the flyer work? What makes this little piece of paper so effective in this digital age of fancy, schmancy marketing? Why can we just not give it up?

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