How to show off with canvas

The canvas countdown has begun, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a quick guide on how canvas can brighten up your portfolio, home, office, gallery or as the perfect gift. So whoever you are, there are plenty of ways to use canvas print in your life.

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Stationery for schools - What sort of stationery needs do educational professionals have?

Five newly qualified primary school teachers tell us what the best part of becoming a teacher is, as well as what their stationery needs are as they enter the academic year as a fully fledged education professional.

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To fold or not to fold: exploring the folded business card

“Talented, beguiling, and downright irresistible” — find out why Product Manager, Martin, loves a good folded business card.

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10 stationery offences you just can’t tolerate

The casual borrowing and misuse of private stationery products. The wanton destruction of notebooks and day planners. We count down some of the most offensive and unbearable stationery offences that, as stationery lovers, we just cannot abide by.

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White ink postcards: what you need to know

Innovative white ink postcards give you the perfect opportunity to flex your design muscles and earn some serious creative kudos. Make the most of white ink for postcards with our quick fire guide on ice cold perfection.

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Turn heads with landscape brochures

A picture is worth a thousand words – and what better way to showcase your work than a landscape brochure? We look into the many ways landscape brochures can be used as a tool for businesses and creatives.

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New product alert - Self-adhesive vinyl expansion

Make sure your message sticks with our high quality, self-adhesive vinyl. From permanent decoration to short-term promotional displays, you’ll be able to select the adhesive type you need for the job – permanent, removable or repositionable.

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Mini is mighty!

Good things come in small packages they say. Check out the very best in miniature form, to complement our new mini cards.

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NEW white ink: what you need to know

Before you start collecting major cool points for being ahead of the printing curve with white ink business cards, get the full scoop on our newest offering and how to tweak your artwork to make the most of it.

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New product launch - wrapping paper

Get your product range all wrapped up with our new custom-printable wrapping paper sheets.

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