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Be Suggestive

Ben Tallon reveals how he thinks outside the box when it comes to approaching clients for illustrative and creative commissions, and how he is suggestive with ideas.

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New year blast off

Freelance illustrator Ben Tallons kicks off his new year with a column, on guess it, being a freelancer in the new year. January can be a rough terrain for creatives, so give his column a glance and tell us how your year has started so far!

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A freelancer’s Christmas

Ben Tallon gifts fellow freelancers a Christmas carol of advice for working during the holidays. Whether you’re snowed under with work or scrabbling for commissions to afford a mince pie, this column will certainly resonate with creatives.

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Mapping your creative journey with Kerry Lemon & Arrest All Mimics

If you've had doubts about your creative work or career, then this podcast by Arrest All Mimics will be up your street. Touching on the correct balance of self-belief, hard work, drive and smart decision making, Ben Tallon interviews Kerry Lemon on carving your own creative journey.

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10 Pinterest accounts you need in your life

As creative people, we’re all slightly obsessed with scrolling through Pinterest when a block hits (and even when it doesn’t). Here are 10 accounts you NEED in your life.

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Ben Tallon -The Deep End

Creative columnist and illustrator Ben Tallon tells us about his recent experience creating a beautiful piece of wall art - the first time his full illustrative style has been put to the test on such a huge scale.

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La Boca creative studio on Penguin Sci-Fi book cover designs

London based design studio La Boca recently created a stunning set of cover designs for reissued Penguin science fiction classic books. Ben Tallon from the Arrest All Mimics podcast interviewed them on this project, as well as how La Boca has become one of the coolest creative agencies out there.

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Graphic design legend Ken Garland

The creative thinking podcast Arrest All Mimics has been busy interviewing author of First Things First Manifesto Ken Garland on the creative industry and world issues. Ken serves as a great example of what a difference talent can make if applied to the right causes.

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The Association Of Illustrators talks contracts, pricing and drawing!

The Association Of Illustrators joins the Arrest All Mimics podcast to discuss the business side of illustration. Learn how it's taking the industry forward with tips on negotiating contracts and using technology to expand the reach of your work.

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The black and white, pen and ink illustration work of Rohan Daniel Eason!

Rohan Daniel Eason's stark black and white, pen and ink illustrations are rooted in the more traditional style of organic illustration. He tells Ben Tallon how his musical exploits led him back to his childhood pleasure of drawing.

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