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You, the heroes

With numerous big name and newbie interviews under his belt, Ben Tallon has discovered both are critical in taking inspiration and learnings from.

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Stay Fresh

Learn how taking influence from lots of different people and places can shape your creative output for the better with Ben Tallon's latest column on staying fresh as an illustrator.

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Naughty & Nice

Learn how your early personality traits could be shaping your creative output and career with Ben Tallon's latest column on living the freelancer life!

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This student...

Freelance illustrator Ben Tallon meets a rather tenacious and friendly student who unexpectedly has a big effect on him.

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You're Decent

When you have a crisis of confidence, what do you do? Ben Tallon takes a look at when he struggles with confidence in creativity, and how to overcome it.

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Say it!

Ben Tallon looks at the opportunities he’s had to share his experiences in the arts, and how embracing these chances may help with your confidence and crystallize your own journey.

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Freelancer artist and podcast extraordinaire Ben Tallon discusses collaboration as a way to enjoy shared passions and generate creativity purity, while pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones. Oh and he also got to meet some famous faces!

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Under pressure

Freelance illustrator Ben Tallon looks at the impact of pressure on his life and how to break his workload down into bite-size pieces. A must-read for any creative who feels up against it.

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Having a global appeal

Sometimes you might be totally unaware of the sheer impact your work is having on others. As freelance illustrator Ben Tallon discovers his global appeal, he learns a thing or two about seeing his work from many new angles, helping him to build a stronger platform from which to shout to the rest of the world.

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When you’re the one in charge of your own time, concentrating and making the most out of any day can be a challenge. Freelancer Ben Tallon tells us lessons learned on trying to stay focused.

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