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We love Fridays. To make them even more fun, we kicked off our very own Cake Friday. There's been plenty of variety, and we haven't made anyone sick - so that's probably a good sign. Here's what we've had so far - in order of appearance:

Week 1

Julie sets the bar high with her fruity cheesecake. Great job Julie - and it was fun to eat with our hands! (I made a mess of my desk)

Julie's cheesecake

Week 2

Paul presents an old favourite, the Victoria sponge. Ironically he's often let down by the Victoria line. Is there a cake for any other London Underground line? Answers on a postcard... Paul's Victoria sponge cake

Week 3

Jess brings in a chocolate cake, a personal favourite of mine. The diet starts tomorrow... well, maybe after everyone else has had a go.

Jess's chocolate cake

Week 4

My contribution was a coffee and walnut cake. No need to go to Costa today then!

Ben's coffee and walnut cake

Week 5

Emma makes fridge biscuits - good effort considering the lack of an oven at Emma's place.

Emma's fridge biscuits

Week 6

Marco initially led us on by bringing out a nice-looking sponge cake. He then unveiled his incredible burger cake. Stunning work - next time we'll know not to challenge the guy who runs The Cake Spot!

Marco's burger cake

Week 7

Despite Marco knocking everyone else out of the park, Emma-Louise proves that there's still everything to play for with not one, but two varieties of cupcake.

Emma-Louise's cupcakes

What's Next?

Founder of, Mr Nick Green has somehow managed to escape making his contribution. But while we'd like to see how his culinary skills fare against the rest of the team, his non-entry means we don't have to go again! So, perhaps this will nudge Mr G to bake a cake and get the ball rolling again with Round 2. And if not, maybe we'll go again anyway.

Let's Talk

Which cakes would you like to sample? I can tell you - they were all good!


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