How can businesses do more to provide a positive contribution to their communities?

Local elections, boardroom oustings and shareholder revolts have all been dominating the headlines in recent weeks. Now whilst it’s clear that there is a growing force in trying to readdress the balance in the boardroom, we also need to remember that business and successful individuals can, in some cases, do a lot of good!

Take Bill Gates. For years he was the world’s best example of corporate greed; but today he leads the world in giving back through his philanthropic activities. He was the first of the ‘super group’ to publically state he was going to give his wealth to charity.

We all have to accept that the world is a commercial place and that people out there will make money. But what we also need to understand is that many of those in leadership positions and those with high public profiles lead the world in giving back.

Today, companies and individuals can do a lot in giving back, but we often think we need to wait until our organisation is of a certain size before we can make a difference.

At we have just launched an apprenticeship scheme as well as a job creation initiative for local students. In the end you just have to want to make a difference, regardless of how rich you are or big your organisation is.

Source: "How can businesses do more to provide a positive contribution to their communities?" (Pressing Issue blog)


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