Business cards in the digital age

With the increasing popularity of online business networking sites such as LinkedIn, the importance of the humble business card has been brought into question with some people claiming that the business card is dead.

Sure, LinkedIn and other similar sites hold more information than your standard business card and offer a great way to connect with new people outside of a physical networking event but here at, we believe that the business card is far from dead and is still a business staple.

Printing companies the world over, us included, still find business cards high in demand but how do you make sure yours can still compete in the days where digital communication has all but taken over? We’ve put together a short list of ways you can ensure yours can still stay on the top of the pile.

• Design is still #1

You still need your business card to be memorable. This is particularly important if you’re preparing for a networking event where dozens of business cards will undoubtedly be exchanged so you need to make sure your card really stands out. If you’re not sure where to start, one of our guest bloggers, Amy Crabtree, has put together a great piece on business card design which we'll be posting this week.

• Think Social

As more and more people start using social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll find that these will be the first places people will research you and your company. Show you have nothing to hide by including your Twitter handle (e.g @printed_com), Facebook Page and even your LinkedIn URL on your card.

• Try a QR code

Many people have started to using mobile apps such as CardMunch to store business card information to their phones. Keep up with the trend by creating a QR code of your contact details and add it to your business card design.

If you incorporate all of these things into your latest business card design, your card is more likely to stand out at your latest networking events.


Jim Dinsdale
22 May 2013 14:09
I have to say, that when people hand me business cards with QR codes on them I instantly feel a bit let down. Unfortunately it is very overdone nowadays.

I do love the look of those portrait oriented cards though. They are eyecatching without being overly fancy/quirky.
Alex Wilkie
10 Sep 2013 14:42
thanks for the tips.
but as you say the visual first impression is still paramount.
05 Dec 2015 13:44
Smart suggestions

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