#InspirationPrinted- Discovering how to sell Face Masks with Blvck Lama

We’re back again with more Face Mask action!

Today, we’re talking to Marius of Blvck Lama, another talented creative who recently began buying and selling his own unique Face Masks as well as a number of amazing print designs. Ready to find out all about him?

Let’s dive in!

Hi Marius! Tell us about Blvck Lama

Image Credit: Blvck Lama

The whole journey of Blvck Lama started back in 2008 after I went travelling to Peru. I was there for five weeks and spent a lot of time exploring the landscape and culture of the region. I was extremely captivated by the ancient civilizations of the Andes and learned a great deal about their customs and beliefs. At the time, I was an active graffiti artist with one of my tags being “Lama” and I discovered that the Black Lama was symbolic of the Universe in ancient Incan mythology.

Upon my return from my travels, I began a series of drawings using ancient symbolism. Over many years this evolved into my brand, Blvck Lama, created with an aim to spread knowledge whilst expressing my creativity in a unique style.

What inspired you to sell Face Masks?

It was actually the free PSD template that you offer! I downloaded the file and played around with some Face Mask designs before putting it up on my website to see if there was any interest. On the very first day, I made a sale and placed a small initial order. Following this, the interest has been growing and I have since stocked up with four different designs. 

Image Credit: Blvck Lama

What inspires your Face Mask designs?

The inspiration stems from the same place as all my art: the mystical realms of the unknown. I’m fascinated by the knowledge of ancient civilisations and their many hidden truths which can be found in the symbolism of their art and architecture. When I first started out with Blvck Lama, I harnessed most of the ideograms from the South American cultures, later to include Sumerian and Egyptian motifs. Islamic geometry is also a great source of inspiration, which often forms the foundational grid behind my art.

Will you be selling more Face Masks?

Yes for sure. I am planning to evolve the brand and to sell Face Masks in a wider range of designs and colours. I already have a green design I used for a bandana prototype which I am looking to use for a Face Mask as well. Moreover, I have a large catalogue of art which I can easily adapt for printing.

Image Credit: Blvck Lama

Do you have a goal for your business?

My initial goal is quite humble: to sell 100 Face Masks by the end of the year. The medium-term plan is to branch out into other accessories such as bandanas and t-shirts. Over the long term, I plan to expand to more high ticket items such as crystal lamps and bespoke jewellery as well. 

How have you been advertising your designs?

Since I started selling Face Masks, I have made a commitment to post on social media every day. With this, I have also run a few paid social ads to get the message out wider. Nevertheless, my main source of referrals comes from the ancient and unbreakable medium called word of mouth. It never fails!

Do you have any favourite Face Mask designs?

My favourites do tend to change quite a bit, but I if I had to choose it would be the latest design I’ve released. It is a vibrant blue and purple colour with subtle motifs of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Eye of Horus. Even though I equally love the other designs, it’s probably my favourite Face Mask at the moment.

Blvck Lama - Magicae Face Mask

Image Credit: Blvck Lama

In terms of other art, my ultimate idol is Leonardo Da Vinci, due to his incredible ability to dive into so many various studies while also being so artistic. Out of the more modern artists, I really like Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Alex Grey and Luis Tamani.

And finally… Where can people buy Face Masks from you?

Firstly there’s my website where you can buy Face Masks and other Art Prints. Otherwise, you can follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page

If you’ve been inspired by Marius’ designs and want to create or buy your own Face Masks, make sure to check out our handy tutorial or explore our entire range!

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