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Back to work health and safety tips for your business

As the UK continues to ease lockdown restrictions, many different businesses are heading back to work. While the future remains uncertain, there are a number of health and safety considerations that everyone should take- espeically with the new one-plus metre rule coming into effect soon.  

Whether you’re a retailer, creative, educator or small business – we’ve pulled together our top health and safety tips for getting back to work safely.

For retail

Creating a safe environment for both your staff and your customers is crucial for any store in general, but your Covid-19 measures should be especially visible to anyone who enters.

You can use Vinyl Floor Stickers to mark out social distancing measures or add arrows if you’re going to be implementing a one-way system on your shop floor. This can help avoid crowding, plus visual guides are useful as not everyone can always be aware of how wide one or two metres actually is. You could also add Window Stickers to clearly illustrate to people outside how many are allowed in at a time or to remind customers to use hand sanitiser before entering.

You can encourage contactless and card payments with Posters or Strut Cards, plus we also have helpful Countertop Guards to help shield cashiers when customers come to checkout.

For education

With schools now reopened for select student groups, it’s important to make sure your social distancing measures are clear and understandable for everyone.

First assess how more crowded areas like classrooms, playgrounds and lunch areas can be arranged. You can mark out one or two-metre segments with Tape or Vinyl and post reminders about new COVID rules in these spaces.

It’s also good to post reminders about hygiene. Hand-washing will continue to play an important role to slow the spread of COVID-19 so make sure this message is front and centre when students enter. These messages can be communicated via Strutcards displayed in communal spaces including hallways, classroom walls and doorways. Plus having Posters in the bathrooms demonstrating proper handwashing technique is useful for both children and adults alike. (Don’t forget the knuckles!)

For hospitality

It’s important to keep your customers updated on any changes to your business. This includes any new hygiene measures you may be implementing. Help spread your message by using Leaflets and Flyers on countertops, or by including these with any online orders to reassure customers receiving your goods and services. 

If you have hand-washing or sanitizing stations, makes sure they are clearly signposted with Display Boards or Posters so customers or guests won’t miss them.

For restaurants and cafes, it may be that you’re now able to fulfil takeaway orders. As more and more people begin to venture out, ensure you have clear messaging to let people know you’re open. This could be a Banner or sign placed in a prominent position. You could even have a Magnetic Vehicle Sticker message on your van. Helpful if you happen to be a mobile business. 

Face Masks continue to be key to health and safety in the workplace, so it’s important to encourage employees to wear these when returning to work. Face masks should also be used when delivering goods or services to customers, and can even be personalised with your company logo to reassure customers. (This also keeps your brand front of mind!) If you don’t have any artwork, don’t worry, we have free designs available for you to try.

For business

Business Health and Safety

To ensure individuals working in an office or factory-based setting feel safe, businesses should look to rearrange working spaces. The priority should be to allow for more space in between individuals so the one-plus metre rule can be followed.

The timing and nature of any further relaxation restrictions is still uncertain. It’s therefore sensible for businesses to consider all options and to have the capability to move quickly between different scenarios. It could be beneficial to stock up on a variety of Signage products, to convey important messages at specific times. You may even need to compile documentation for key business stakeholders to convey hygiene policies in the coming weeks.

At, we are here to support you on your journey back to work (wherever and whenever that may be!). Our Health and Safety essentials range helps to keep your customers and employees safe. Many of our products include free downloadable artwork templates, plus we are offering a 20% discount for charities, educators and Key Workers.

If you need help about with any of our services, please get in contact with our Customer Service Team! We’ve also pulled together a list of our resources and guides to help you through these difficult times. Check them out below!

Explore our Covid-19 customer resources 

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