Arrest All Mimics podcast – Middle Boop discusses creative style and versatility

London based graphic designer, art director and illustrator Gordon Reid (Middle Boop) joins Ben Tallon of the Arrest All Mimics podcast to discuss the dual sciences of specialist creative style and versatility. 

Gordon goes through his career to date, a journey that has seen him evolve from editor of the magazine he created, via freelance illustration, to a more rounded, versatile role on a range of different projects in advertising, music, editorial design, public speaking with the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi, London Design Festival, Mogwai, Coca-Cola and many others.

Ben explains why he was keen to feature Gordon on the podcast:

“As an illustrator who has created a very distinct brand, I wanted to see where Gordon and I crossed over, the methods we’ve created over the years in order to facilitate the work we wanted and how perception and packaging can be the difference between treading water and significant progression.” 

A must-listen for the modern creative professional who operates in an ever-changing digital landscape where adaption and problem solving is paramount, we hope you enjoy the podcast! 


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23 Sep 2016 07:18
I like this series
Keziah Herbert
28 Sep 2016 13:52
I'm not normally one for podcasts but this was pretty good. Thanks for sharing

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