Arrest All Mimics interview with Peter O'Toole

Arrest All Mimics, the original thinking and creative innovation podcast, hosted by illustrator, author, art-director and Dot London Creative Agency of the Year 2015 Ben Tallon, interviews Peter O'Toole, freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Ben explains more about the podcast and Peter:

"We all have a dream client, don't we? Whether it's Game of Thrones, Vogue Magazine, The Guardian or Grand Designs, there was always that college portfolio project that was a subconscious statement of intent. But how many of us truly believe it? Peter O'Toole is an illustrator and designer based in Huddersfield and he joins Arrest All Mimics at his studio in Bates Mill for the 30th episode of the show to take us on a journey that took him from casual clothing fan to working closely with his dream client Adidas.

"Peter is on hilarious form in this open, honest account of the journey we all hope to embark upon one day. He tells us why it's crucial to make it happen for yourself, why hard work is crucial, how Liam Gallagher came to be pictured holding the Adidas book he worked on, and why mimicry in any art form will inevitably end in tears."

You can listen to the interview here:

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Peter O'Toole official site


21 Jul 2016 17:55
Really enjoyed visiting Peter's web site too, love his style :)
03 Dec 2016 19:14
great blog
02 Feb 2017 14:18
another excellent interview - thanks

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