Arrest All Mimics interview with Kingsley Nebechi

After meeting on Twitter some time ago now, award-winning illustrator Ben Tallon finally interviews illustrator and designer Kingsley Nebechi to discuss the release of his debut artist book, the wonderful post-apocalyptic illustrated Tribe Hunters. 

Ben tells us why he was so keen to get Kingsley on his podcast:

“Kingsley’s fascinating journey involved a move from his native Italy to London at the age of fourteen. He tells us about the challenges he faced, possessing only a very basic grasp of the English language before thriving and embracing the sink or swim nature of English high school and cultural differences. 

“We recount our first meetings through Twitter, when Kingsley came across my angry blog and we connected because whilst my freelance lifestyle ramblings resonated with him, he feared it was getting to me a little too much!

“We find out why Kingsley’s mother’s notepad doodles during phone calls influenced him during childhood and became subtle foundations in the beautiful patterns seen throughout Tribe Hunters.

“He also tells us why thoughts become things if you believe in the work you’re doing and work hard, how he landed a job with his dream client and favourite creative agency I Love Dust following a degree in Portsmouth and why London’s Liverpool Street being so busy isn’t such a bad thing if you use it creatively!

"Kingsley Nebechi’s story shows us why life’s challenges and changes can instill a fierce resolve and work ethic and details a fantastic example of self-publishing success that anyone with aspirations of comic book work, character design or storytelling must hear.”


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01 Sep 2016 09:03
Intersting - I enjoyed this!
01 Sep 2016 11:07
inspirational read, best of luck to Kingsley and his continued successes

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