Are you a secret wedding stationer?

Are you a designer, illustrator or artist, frequently asking yourself whether or not you should make the move to wedding stationery? After all—your skills are transferrable and you have a lot of resources already in place. So what’s stopping you? We’re here to convince you that expanding your repertoire isn’t as hard as you may think...

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Finding brides
Finding clients looking for wedding stationery is easy when you know how, and you probably already do! If you currently sell your illustrations, artwork or designs in an online marketplace like Etsy or, you can simply add another product offering to your store and use the resources you already have to catch those new customers. If you’re not signed up with these sites, they’re a fab place to start.

If you wanted to throw your customer-catching net out even further, it’s also a great idea to advertise your services in bridal magazines. Make sure you have some gorgeous product shots that show off your skills to secure that new business and really sell your individual style.

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Finding design inspiration
The next step in your wedding stationer transformation is creating a new selection of designs to use in photoshoots, to enhance your portfolio and to help inspire prospective clients. 

As always, one of the best places to find inspiration is Pinterest, but you’ll also be able to gain some valuable insight by flipping through bridal magazines to see what’s hot in the world of weddings right now. What are you up against? How can you make it your own? Are there any personal touches that only you can bring?

Once you know what you’re up against, you can create your own, unique version of it. The name of the wedding stationery game is not just collaborating with couples themselves, but to have something unique to offer. Cookie-cutter wedding stationery can be purchased anywhere, yours are the customers that want something more personal.

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Print, stocks and finishes
You don’t have to run around like a headless chicken trying to find a printer that can cope with your client’s expectations; if you’re a customer with us, you can still find everything you need to get the job done, without having to test out other printers or get used to a whole new ordering system.

The Wedding Collection has a long list of products that have been requested by stationers themselves, so before you’ve even started, you know you have everything a professional wedding stationer might need. You can carefully craft whole wedding suites and complete it with matching envelopes, stickers and belly bands, and even create table stationery and thank you cards. 

If you’re the kind of creative that likes to get hands on with their finished print, you can order your stationery on unfinished flat sheets and finish them in-house, so no matter the request, you can confidently deliver. High five yourself!

Get the ball rolling and order yourself a free Wedding Collection sample pack so you can familiarise yourself with the stocks, products and finishes, and then prepare to dazzle your first clients!

 Are you a wedding stationer? Leave some wise words for newcomers in the comments box below.


David Brookes
18 Feb 2015 20:42
Love this. I already do all this :-)
19 Feb 2015 20:44
Also, look out with the wedding industry for inspiration. Trends in fashion and interiors are hugely influential on wedding stationery.
Su Mwamba
20 Feb 2015 09:38
People are always getting married, so it makes sense to think about provising for specific as well as general stationery needs. Something to think about...
Alex Wilkie
23 Feb 2015 11:06
I have been considering this as an option thanks.
25 Feb 2015 18:10
Is there an option to just do a sample design and not 50?
Daniel Olivier-Argyle
26 Feb 2015 10:12
@Sarah - you can order a wedding sample pack by visiting this page and looking on the bottom right:
That way you can get a feel for all our papers before you order. Hope that helps!
Love Dan.

Atul @ A2zWeddingCards
10 Mar 2015 05:27
Nice blog Emma! These are great & informative tips for new wedding stationers who are moving into this industry. Thanks a lot for inspiring us.
Stuart Glegg
20 Mar 2015 08:57
It's a mad world wedding stationery
14 Apr 2015 18:03
Really excellent blog, something I have been thinking about for a while now :-)
Mirlah Thornley
20 Apr 2015 16:26
It's no secret....I'm a full blown wedding stationer and love every minute!
29 May 2015 06:56
Well, these are really nice and significant points to consider. People, involved in business of wedding stationary should read these carefully and apply to get designed innovative invitations.
12 Nov 2015 08:32
Super blog, thanks :)
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 14:51
Great read, some excellent tips in here

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