App of the Week: Harvest

This week’s app of the week really is a godsend for freelancers and project managers, who need to keep a close eye on the time they spend working.

Harvest is a simple-to-use time tracker, which simplifies timesheets and time management. However, this app isn’t just a simple time watch: its also a great tool to see how you’re distributing your time across your projects, task and employees through its reporting function.

Features of the app include:

  • One-click time entry, start and stop timers throughout the day.
  • Use Harvest on a PC, Mac, mobile device or Desktop widget.
  • Manage staff’s time and approve their time sheets.
  • Desktop time entry
  • Through reporting filter by billable, non-billable, employee or contractor hours
  • Export your reports to CVS, Excel, Google Spreadsheets and more
  • Seamless invoice integration, automatically create an invoice based on your choices

Any downsides? 

We don’t think so; this app is super-easy to use and only benefits you and your time-keeping.

A real plus to this app is being able to use it for more then one person, making managing a team that much easier.

This app is available on iOS, Android and as a desktop app. While the app is free, there is a fee if you chose to have more then one person active on it. You can find out more here


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