App of the Week: GDrive

Google Drive is a great way of sharing work and allowing other people to see it or edit it and all you need it a Google account. If you’re not familiar with Google Drive, it allows you to create and upload: Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings while saving them all online. Google Drive gives you an initial storage space of 5GB, but you can get more.

Our app of the week GDrive is a Google Drive client on iDevice. With GDrive you are able to view your documents, photos and watch videos you’ve stored on your Google Drive.

Features of the App Include:

  • File management, copy, delete, and move
  • Sort files by name, data and size
  • Password lock on app
  • Download files to local file for offline access
  • Transfer files between iDevice and Google Drive
  • Support multiple Google accounts.
  • Supports PDF, MS Office and iWork

Any Downsides?

While this app is great for reviewing your documents the only downside is that you can’t edit within the app, which is slightly disappointing, as you would have to open it with a supporting app and then reload the document. However this app is really easy to use and great for viewing documents on the go.

This app is available on iPhone and iPad for free, you can download it from here.

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Stepehen Mark
21 Aug 2012 13:40
I used this app to access files stored in the cloud while I was away, would thoroughly recommend
Chris Royle
21 Aug 2012 20:10
Thanks for this advice, we currently use DropBox which seems to work pretty well, but if by the sounds of things this is the same thing as DropBox plus more, then the move may have to be made!
Martin Pocock
22 Aug 2012 09:03
Quite a handy app, I use it occaisonally when i'm out and about, but i would love to be able to edit within the app.

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