App of the Week: Dragon Dictation

Some times typing on your iphone either to take notes or compose an email can be hard on the go as iphone keys aren’t the largest and neither is the screen. However, a solution is the Dragon Dictation App.

This app is great. Essentially, you talk it types. The app is powered by Dragons award-winning NaturallySpeaking speech-recognition software and the app claims to be five times faster than typing, so its definitely great if you’re in a rush.


Features of the App Include:

  • Voice to text transcriptions can be sent via SMS, Email or pasted into any other application.
  • Editing features, which provides a list of suggested alternatives
  • Update via Twitter and Facebook
  • Voice driven correction Interface


Any Downsides?

The only downside to this app is you either have to be connected via Wifi or 3G as the app is handled via Nuance’s servers. 

Other than that this app is really simple to use, with a really clear interface and unlike many other voice to text apps this one works really well and gets a majority of the words correct.

This app is available on iPhone, iPad and third generation iPod Touch and is available to download from here for free.


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