App of the Week: Bump

Bump is a fun yet functional app. This app works across iOS, Android and most other smartphones as well as on your computer.

As suggested by its name, all you need to do is bump two phones together to share photos and other data on your mobile. Just open your bump app, bump your phones together and the app does the rest.

Features of the app include:

  • Share contacts
  • Share photos
  • Find mutual friends via social networks and phone contacts
  • Sync devices
  • Share apps (on android)

Any downsides?

We haven’t found any downsides to this app – its easy to use and can be very handy. 

Bump saves a lot of emailing and texting of images and other data that you want to send to your friends.

A real bonus to this app that its available and works across a number of devices, so if you have a iPhone and your friend or colleague have a android, they can work in perfect harmony.

You can download and find out more about this app here.



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