App of the Week: Air Display

 A lot of people question the usability of the iPad, in a working environment. However, we think the iPad is great as it can be used similarly to a tablet PC on the go, it can also be easier to access your work can be gathered on the iCloud.

For those who are still uncovinced; the iPad has become even more useful in a working environment. Air Display allows you to use your iPad as a second or third screen. This app is also available to use on your iPhone or iPod Touch, although you may find these screens too small. 

Features of the App Include:

  • Wireless computer extender and tablet input device
  • You can use your finger to draw directly on the screens surface; you can operate the right mouse and scroll wheel
  • If you have the newest iPad with Retina Display, you can choose to operate at normal or double resolution
  • Works in both landscape and portrait configurations 
  • Connect to Air Display from both Mac and Windows
  • Air Display provides a virtual keyboard and mouse input on the iOS device.
  • Supports video- out of your TV or Monitor either via Apples AirPlay or with an appropriate adapter cable.

 Any Downsides?

We don’t think so, since the Air Display app has been updated all bugs have been fixed and when you first launch the app it presents easy instructions for downloading and installing.  

This app is definitely great for when you’re using windows such as email, calendar and social networking site utility’s as you can fill your screen and still see everything that’s going on while carrying on with your work.

To use this app you have to be connected to the Wi-Fi and both your computer and iOS device have to be connected to the same network. On Mac OS X Air Display requires 10.6 or later and on Windows Air Play requires Windows XP or Vista 7 to work.

This app costs £6.99, but we think its worth it. 




James Gordon
21 Sep 2012 17:07
Great app, got it last week and def worth the £7. Good find.

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