App of the Week: OmniFocus

Keeping track of appointments, meetings and remembering your to-do list seems impossible at times. So an app seems like a reasonable solution, most of us our rarely without our phones and we believe the OmniFocus app is the super hero of GTD (Getting things done) apps.

OmniFocus is great firstly as you can access your to-do list and reminders from your iPhone, iPad and mac if you have synced them. Secondly our favourite part is that you can set your reminders based on location, which is fantastic especially for those who are constantly forgetting to pick up the groceries on their way home.

Features for the App include:

 -          Create goals for your projects.

-          Plan your day’s errands by listing nearby places.

-          Create a new task quickly in the app, or by sending tasks from other apps such as Safari.

-          Notifications based on time or location.

-          Tell Siri what you need to do, and it can go straight to your OmniFocus inbox.

-          Break tasks in to steps and track your progress.

-          Attach pictures and audio 

OmniFocus has supplied a flowchart (PDF link), which is definitely worth a read.

The only downside to this App is its £13.99 price tag, but we really think it’s worth it.


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