All wrapped up: how to package your products to perfection

There are some shops which know how to capture the giddy excitement of making a purchase and crystallise it in the packaging. Etsy sellers, privately owned boutiques and unique sellers like send out stuff that give the impression it was packed with ultimate care. Ribbons, vintage string, stickers, tissue paper and cool-looking bags and boxes; the magic of wrapping! So what’s the secret to getting customers to delight at your packaging or even save it for later?

We’ve found some of our favourite examples of innovative, fun DIY packaging and are ripping them apart to tell you how to create the look yourself:

Business cards as tags

Luggage tags, over-sized tags and handwritten notes — people are crazy for them! One of our favourite examples of this is from our good friends at Say it with Brownies. They use business cards tucked into ribbon on brown boxes to create a homely, just baked look. A handwritten note on the back of the business card lets the customer know that they are valued. It’s a nice touch and is very easy to replicate, head to our business card page and make your own.


The everything print product, stickers are perfect with almost any packaging type. For a girly, hipster look, team round stickers with paper doilies and string. Use on brown envelopes or boxes with vintage string for a home-wrapped look that shows the effort you’ve put in.  If you’re feeling generous and have an impressive branded sticker selection, why not throw a couple of freebies in with the order, to tempt your customers to stick up a storm and spread the word on your businesses for you? Make it your own by printing on our round stickers.

Belly bands

We love this look so much, that we added it to our wedding collection recently— wrap belly bands around packs of cards, boxes or use them as the main packaging for your product, like the good folk at Janery have. These are at their most awesome when they’re printed in a contrasting pattern or colour to complement the rest of the packaging. Find belly bands on the site here.

If all this talk has got you looking at your own bags with a slight sense of disappointment, then don’t despair! With all these ideas on hand, the world of packaging is your oyster.



David Brookes
23 Jan 2014 11:52
Belly bands are a nice touch, I wrap my invitations using kraft paper and twine to give them an earthy feel :-)
Stuart Glegg
23 Jan 2014 16:10
Those belly bands are perfect for some food packaging I need to do. Great idea
Alex Wilkie
24 Jan 2014 09:02
thanks for the information , especially about
20 Feb 2014 16:02
Love the Say it with Brownies packaging.
16 Mar 2014 18:48
Nice ideas, thanks
C Hiazos
17 Mar 2014 15:34
This post really excited me;

Definitely using the info to good use.

Su Mwamba
13 May 2014 18:59
I frequently use products to convey & package my ideas - there are all sorts of uses for 'standard' print items, if you just think creatively!
17 Nov 2016 16:42
Great suggestions
08 Feb 2017 08:37
The stickers look really effective
Bryony Bishop
11 May 2017 17:33
Packaging is my most favourite part - some great advice here

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