App of the Week: Account Tracker

We all know how tricky it can be keeping on top of your expenses (both business and personal), especially when it comes to keeping all of your receipts or trying to account for money which you can’t remember spending.  Our solution for iPhone, iTouch and iPad users, is great app called ‘Account Tracker’. This App is definitely an easy way to organise your expenses. 

There are other apps that do a similar job, but ‘Account Tracker’ was our favourite we found that it was simpler to use and was great for not only tracking your spending but also monitoring your balances across a number of accounts. 

Features of the App include:

-An app tour when you first download it.

-Multi-currency support per transaction and account.

-Set up future transactions for two years in advance.

-Set up alerts, if an account is likely to go overdrawn or hit an overdraft limit.

-Set bill reminders.

-Set up group accounts, so you can separate business and personal.

-Spilt transaction.

-Export account statements, budgets and reports in CSV format or office processing.

-Export reports as PDF files.

-Backup and restore, by email, Bluetooth, WiFi, iTunes file sharing, Dropbox and iCloud.

This app is also great as you can download it free as, ‘Account Tracker Free’ it has all the functionality of the full version but you can only use up to 25 transactions, if you like it you can then purchase the full version for £1.99. Both versions are on the app store.

Any downsides?

So far we haven’t found any downsides to this app apart from watching money disappear, but apart from that it’s the best way to keep track of personal and business finance. 

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