A year in the life of a greeting card - an infographic

Greeting card design calendar


11 Dec 2014 14:10
such a cool reminder! thanks for that!
Charlotte Barrett
18 Dec 2014 13:44
Nice blog post!
Rebecca Perry
21 Dec 2014 09:57
Always only remember to create greetings cards that bit too late, I'll put this up and maybe I'll get them done in time for next year!
Stuart Glegg
14 Jan 2015 12:24
Great graphic, and useful to know!
Emma Carney
14 Jan 2015 16:00
Keep us posted on your progress Rebecca!We like to think we're helpful :)
24 Jan 2015 00:20
Really neat timeline graphic, looks good!
Ian Renfrew
25 Nov 2015 13:03
Very nice design, I really must get some greeting cards designs done for next year.
25 Jan 2016 10:33
Great key month reminders

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