A guide to printing in Large Format

Printing in large format requires you to take note of some aspects that you may not have thought of before. Large format products include Banners, Posters, Mounted Boards, Strut cards and Backlit Graphics. While some of these products differ in relation to their uses some principles in creating them remain the same. 

Large format products are a great way to grab people’s attention and accumulate interest, especially for events or in retail. The success of a banner or poster is determined by the impact of the design and the strength of the message.

Some key points for making your large format product stand out include:

  • Keep text brief; a wall of text will be difficult to digest.
  • The most desirable information in your poster is in a larger text. This will encourage people to either read on or enquire for more information.
  • With all text that you are planning on printing it’s always worth running it through a spellchecker. This is especially important with large format, as mistakes will be a lot more noticeable.
  • Create the design at the size it will be printed, so as to avoid pixellation of images or text.
  • Any images used within the design should be saved at a high resolution. A poor quality image will degrade the print quality.

With our large format products, notably posters and banners we provide standard sizes:

Size     mm                  Inches

A2       420 x 594        16.55 x 23.41

A1       594 x 841        23.41 x 33.11

A0       841 x 1189      33.11 x 46.81

In addition to the standard sizes (above) on most of our large format products we also provide the option to create your own custom size, this is great as it allows you to fit your poster or banner to the size you want, whether it’s to fit in a window or over an entrance.

If you are more interested in using large format products for images alone, then a mounted board or backlit graphics may be more appealing to you.

Both products are great as they both stand out. A mounted board has the advantage of sticking out, and this will lift your image off its surroundings. 

Backlit graphics are also great for images as you will always have great lighting for your images and often will help create depth to the image. 

If you have created a large format piece you are particularly proud of, feel free to share it with others on the Facebook page.



20 Nov 2015 09:33
Useful basic advice :)
29 Nov 2016 14:57
helpful when you're just getting started

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