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Video: Introducing Dan Olivier-Argyle

Dan is a self-taught illustrator and artist, see how he started his career and what his plans for 2013 are.

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Seven mistakes to avoid when writing copy for your website.

Whether you're just developing your site or are creating high-end marketing materials, great copy is key to increasing your engagement. Copywriter, Alison Smith runs us through the seven most common mistakes people make in copywriting.

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YouTube: mastering the basics

Video content is a great way to boost your company's presence online but it's not easy to get your work seen when thousands of videos are uploaded every day. We've run though the YouTube basics for you to help get your video content noticed.

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Video: Georgia presents banner stands

If you have an event coming up and really want to stand out, try banner stands. Georgia is here with all the information you need to order yours.

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Crafty commerce: five top tips for increased sales on Etsy

Gemma May Hotchkiss, the creative talent behind Jurassic Panda is the next in our series of Guest Bloggers and is here to tell you her top tips on increasing online sales through Etsy.

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The perils of posting

Pollie Scott is an artist and one of our top customers. As her business grows, she's here to share some of the tricks she's picked up while running Medieval Trees that could help you with your start-up.

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Top 10 apps of 2012

We've chosen our top 10 apps, from our reviews throughout the year.

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Video: creating Cupcakes for Clara

Laura Clempson is a full time mum, Animator and creator of 'micro-business' Cupcakes for Clara; bringing you craft goods, illustrations and other fun products to share with your youngsters. Find out how she got started and how she plans to tackle her growth plans for 2013.

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Top five tips to be a successful guest blogger

Guest blogging is one of the many ways you can attract a larger audience to your own blog and even your company. Here are five top tips to help you get started.

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How to grow through the customers you already have

The next part in our two part series with on how to keep your customers happy.

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