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I love - meet the team video

I love

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Video: Jessica Morgan - talks about

The lovely Jessica Morgan was mentioned by one of our customers Theo Richards about how helpful she is, so Jess comes to tell us a little about herself and what she does at

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Cakes with Faces and

Amy is a graphic designer who loves drawing cute characters with bright colours and chunky outlines, especially cakes with faces See the business cards, A3 prints and clothing tags Amy had printed with

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Video: Valentine's Love Message

A short video of the team sharing the love...

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Charlottestelle Graphic Design and

Charlotte Estelle is a graphic designer at Nottingham Trent University. Charlotte is a multi-disciplined artist with a diverse range of styles including animation, fine art and digital print media. Check out the business cards she had printed by

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As of tomorrow (09/02/11) you will have 2 ways to pay with 1. Continue to use your account and pay once you receive your invoice or 2. Pay online with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

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Theo Richards Graphic Design and

Theo Richards is a graphic design student at Nottingham Trent University. He recently started a freelance design company specialising in branding, graphic design and advertising.

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The journey, Part 5. the new family member welcomes our new HP Indigo 7500 to the family

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The journey, Part 4. reacts to the arrival...

Oooohh... Aaaahh... See's reaction to our new arrival

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Happy Australia Day from

Our resident Aussie designer Emma aka Lemon has treated us to/poisoned us with some Vegemite sandwiches.

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