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Top five tips to fire up your business over the Christmas holidays

A lot of people feel disheartened in the business world following the Christmas period. Rather than worrying, this is the perfect time to tend to your business, follow these tips to preoccupy you and help your business grow during the January lull.

Filed under: Tips and advice competition winners dish out £500 bar tab prize

If you had a £1,000 bar tab, what would you do with yours? Here's how out student society competitions winners of Manchester University used theirs.

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Sam Zawadski wins The Pitch 2012

Introducing the Winner of The Pitch 2012 and £50K worth of business support, Sam Zawadzki of AdvancetoGO.

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App of the Week: Harvest

Harvest makes managing your time, and that of your teams, that much easier.

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Video: Georgia presents self adhesive vinyl graphics

You can really make an impact by making your marketing message unforgettable with Self Adhesive Vinyl graphics from Georgia is here in her very first video with all the information you need to order yours.

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Charity Donation Challenge have made it even easier to help a worthy cause this Christmas. After we announced that you can now donate your rewards points to Charity this Christmas we were overwhelmed by your generosity so we've set you a little challenge.

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A customer is for life, not just for Christmas

Retaining customers, rather than trying to acquire new ones, seriously cuts costs and gives you a much better marketing and sales opportunity. Find out how to master the art of customer retention, before and after the festive season, in this two-part blog series.

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Top ten ways to raise funds for your student society

Asking fellow students to hand over money to a society is a grueling task. To help make it less painful, give them something of value that they'll want to pay for. We've collected 10 interesting ideas for you to use raise awareness and generate much needed funding.

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App of the Week: Bump

Bump is a fun and functional app that makes sharing data with friends and colleagues alike a fun experience.

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Top five calendar design tips

When creating a calendar to send to friends, family and clients, it's difficult to get the design side of things right. Follow these top tips for a winning design so you can see the new year in style.

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