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Top tips for getting started on Instagram

At we love Instagram and we think it's a great way to promote your brand to a new audience. Here's you can get started with the platform.

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The Fairy Tale Fair

Claire Montgomery's Fairy Tale Fair is back and starts Saturday 9th March.

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Competition: Name the newsletter to win free print

A new competition from Name our Newsletter!

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Setting up a limited company: What information do I need to provide?

As a designer, the decision to set up a limited company can seem daunting. Here, online business resource The Made Simple Group runs through the information you’ll need to gather before you start.

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Goodbye Alex! Let's all do the Harlem Shake

Some of you may have already seen it but if not watch us give Alex a great send off with the version of the Harlem Shake

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Top Tips to increase engagement on Facebook

The whole point of Social Media is that it's social. Sounds obvious but there are loads of people out there who struggle to boost engagement on their social platforms. Here are some top tips to help you boost your engagement on Facebook.

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Images, design and creative media in online marketing

Visual aids such us photographs and designs are a great way to boost engagement through your online marketing and this week's Guest Blogger Dave Stephenson from the Publishers' Network is here to tell you all about how and what you should be using.

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Video: do American Psycho

At we love video and we love a good joke. So, we've utilised our obviously Oscar worthy acting skills to bring you our latest parody, American Psycho. Just because we can.

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Top Tips to promote your brand on Twitter

If you're new Twitter, getting involved in order to promote your business can seem a bit daunting. Here are our top tips for pushing your brand on this social network.

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Who's been using your art?

Dan Olivier-Argyle is an illustrator and artist and he has discovered a clever little way to find out if your artwork has been stolen or is being used elsewhere without your permission and he wants to tell you all about it.

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