Nine ways to cure creative block

Even the very best of us have been there: that deadline is looming, but you’re stuck staring at an empty page. No matter how many times you try to start, nothing is coming. Before you fly into an uncontrollable rage or shrivel up into a weeping mess, read up on these quick, easy tips and get your mojo back.

1)     Inspire yourself

First port of call for creatives suffering from the dreaded block? Pinterest, of course! Spend half an hour or so sifting through some relevant images and you’re sure to find something which gets those juices flowing. If you’re not a keen pinner, try Tumblr instead; a microblog that’s just filled with great content, waiting to be discovered.

If you aren’t keen on the social scene, the next best place to find inspiration online would be some dedicated, creative forums. Get yourself an account and start mingling with some like-minded people, sharing work and trading tips. You’ll soon find the inspiration you need to get that project started.

Check out these links for inspiration:

- Creative Wedge on Pinterest

- Design blog Creative Bloq

-'s very own Pinterest boards


2)     Look at other creative disciplines

Sometimes it pays to step outside of the box; if you’re a designer, why not check out some photography blogs to help you get a fresh perspective on what you’re doing? There are loads of beautiful, creative artistic disciplines out there, from origami, illustration and paper collages to ceramics, textiles and painting. Immerse yourself in a new discipline and see which doors they can open for you!

Check out these links for inspiration:

- Gabriel Issac Ceramics on Instagram

- The website of Artist & Print Marker Norman Ackroyd 

- This inspiring origami pinterest board 


3)     Bring the fun back to your studio

Blank, stark work spaces might be trendy and delightfully clutter-free, but a huge part of keeping creativity aflame is surrounding yourself with things that inspire you (it’s good Feng Shui, too!).  It’s well worth digging out some of those posters that you used to love, or creating your own posters using some of your own original designs.

If you like to keep your work place clean, clear and knick-knack free, how about creating a playlist that’s tailored to the theme of the project you’re working on? It’ll help you get into the mood to start the job, without affecting your décor!

Check out these links: 

- Ultralinx article on 50 inspirational work spaces

- Inspirational upcycled items in work space on Pinterest

- Grand Design awards for small work sapces


4)     Take a step back

Creative blocks can sometimes be caused by intense saturation of a theme, project or job. Instead of trying to force it, why not set your work aside and go for a walk? Allowing yourself to take a step back from the job will really help to release any tension and will allow you to get back to work with a clear head and a fresh perspective.


5)     Explore a new technique or gadget

Is there a cool new creative gadget floating about in the market that you’ve been dying to try? Maybe there’s a quirky vintage tool you want to get your hands on? If you feel like your creativity has hit a wall, you can try a splurging on that new illustration tablet or creating those wedding invitations using an old fashioned quill pen.  It’s a good excuse to get creative and treat yourself at the same time!


6)     Try a change of scenery

Sick of staring at the same four walls? It might be time to break out! Take your laptop to the local coffee shop, a park in the sunshine, or even just the dining room table—anything that will help you get a fresh outlook on your work and put you into a different mood. It all helps!


7)     Broaden your horizons

Time to break down those boundaries! Expand your horizons by getting involved in the local world foods festival, visiting a cool art exhibition or getting away on a mini break to an exciting new country. Seeing and experiencing new cultures, flavours and sights can really help you to diversify your work and even to build up a portfolio of inspirational titbits which you can dip into later, when (heaven forbid!)  the well runs dry again.


8)     Go back to basics

Get the sketch book out and go back to art 101! Taking a grassroots approach to creativity can help you remember which elements of the craft you’re best at and what you loved most about it before deadlines killed your inspiration. You might even be able to look at old work and build some new ideas onto it for a fusion piece to bust your block.


9)     Sleep on it

If you’ve completed tip four and taken a step back but still find yourself struggling to make it work, then sleep on it! Clear your mind, relax your muscles and get a good night’s kip; whatever was holding you back may seem insignificant come morning light!


So there you have it; nine block busting tips to help you get your creative gumption back and in full force. If you have any tips, leave them in the comments box below and help someone else overcome their stalemate!



Alex Wilkie
11 Jul 2014 08:49
9 is the best advice you can have
29 Jul 2014 09:28
Try to forget about the idea and if it cant be forgotten than it is a good idea
Lauren Parker
13 Aug 2014 13:27
4 is the greatest, I often get bogged down with trying to think of ideas but when I take a step back it usually helps!
30 Nov 2016 12:17
9 works best for me too
26 Jan 2017 15:38
working on something different for a while is good, then you'll go back to it with fresh eyes and a clear head.

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