8 ways to use a brochure

Nothing beats a saddle stitched brochure when it comes to multi-page, multi-functional print. If you need something between 8 to 40 pages, this is the piece of print you should be trading phone numbers with, especially since we’ve lowered prices on larger quantities of them. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite ways to use brochure printing to its full potential.


The shop floor

Pricing brochures
Whether you’re keeping these at the till or sending them out on request, getting all your products priced up and promoted in pricing brochures just makes sense. Let your customer know exactly what they can get for their money and all the other things you have to offer in one neat booklet.

Promotional reading material
If you’re running a special promotion, offer or campaign, it’s worth your time and money to get something special printed up to communicate the message. You can maximise the potential of this form of promotional print even more by adding clippable coupons and offers inside.

Printed catalogues
Remember how excited you used to get whenever you made a trip to Argos? You could stir those same feelings within your own customers by printing up a stack of (slightly thinner) catalogues. Team expert product shots with compelling copy and price points for something truly effective.



Printed portfolios
Collating all your favourite pieces of work into high quality, comprehensive portfolio can really go a long way to establishing and maintaining a professional image within the creative industry. Use the portfolio design as well as shots of your work to score extra brownie points. When portfolio printing is this easy, scoring top marks with clients is a doddle!


An unusual product to add to your repertoire, manuals are a good way to service a niche need within your industry and they’re so easy to create. Offer them as an accompaniment to a product, neatly finished and ready to be added in with the packaging.


Got an event to host? Give attendees a rundown on what’s happening and where with printed programmes. Stuff yours with timetables, profiles and event sponsors to make the most of this piece of promotional print.



The boardroom

Annual reports
Looking the bee’s knees in the board room is a must, and that’s where quality printed annual reports come in. Slip them into presentation folders to ensure all important documents are kept together and look as smart as the content they hold.

This works well as a customer-facing piece of print, or something purely internal—newsletters help keep everyone informed of any changes and really get everyone engaged. Don’t forget to throw in a little fun content to keep it light and readable.

However you choose to style the brochure design, you can create a product or piece of promotional print to suit a whole heap of different uses. What will you use yours for?


Stuart Glegg
16 Apr 2015 17:34
Useful stuff, would love to get more paper options on litho too
22 Apr 2015 00:10
Love the idea of a brochure as a printed portfolio.
Anne-Charlotte S
22 Apr 2015 16:14
Love those ideas!
Su Mwamba
25 Apr 2015 09:29
Who wouldn't want to make their own little book? Definitely an under-utilised promotional tool...
David Brookes
13 May 2015 17:15
Love these
02 Apr 2016 08:28
Would be great to use these for art exhibition catalogues :)

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