Eight ways to enhance your company profile on LinkedIn

With more than 150 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is undeniably one of the social media giants. Although the primary focus is on the individual profiles, there is also the option to represent a business and it's more than just having another social icon to add to your business card.

A fully enhanced company profile creates opportunities to not only increase your brand awareness, but will also emphasise your company’s credibility. Your company profile shows your specialities, products and services and can also be used to build contacts – and with the new company profile updates, this is now easier than ever.

In order to make the most out of your LinkedIn company profile, you have to make sure you;

• Build a solid base of followers

Nothing looks worse than a page with no followers and it certainly won’t attract any more. Spend some time generating new followers; add follow buttons to your website and even use your other social channels to promote your page.

• Add images

You can now add banner images and thumbnails to your company profile, similarly to the Facebook cover image and this can act as a link to wherever you like, whether that’s your website or another social network.

• Add your products and services

There is no reason why you shouldn’t include as many of these as possible. You can even add exclusive promotions for LinkedIn users to help drive traffic to your site.

•Add an RSS feed to your blog

Feature your blog content automatically on your profile.

• Make use of the company updates

Start sharing useful and interesting information and updates. By maintaining a regularly updated page, you are more likely to attract new and engaged followers.

• Make use of the video function on your profile

This is particularly useful for the products and services page. You can add different videos for each product and this is a great way of demonstrating all the features and benefits of your products, without exceeding the annoying word limit.

• Request recommendations

By encouraging recommendations for your products, services or company, you stand a greater chance of attracting a wider audience. When users recommend something on LinkedIn, it will not only be displayed on the page in question, but also in the individual updates on the user’s homepage.

LinkedIn will never be the biggest or the most talked about social network, but when it comes to connecting with people who mean business and generating leads, few sites can compare to its power. So follow these simple steps and maximise the potential of your business’s profile.

All set up? Find out how you can increase your engagement through Linkedin with these tips from Kerry Butters from My Social Agency.


Jenifer Greenslade
04 Dec 2012 12:45
This is really useful thank you!
27 Nov 2015 09:01
Thanks for sharing :)
29 Nov 2016 15:41
LinkedIn looks well worth exploring

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