7 suggestions for your table plan

Arranging guests and creating table plans doesn’t seem like a huge task until you have a list of 250 names in front of you and no clue how to get started. There are a lot of different options to consider when grouping guests together, so here are seven of our favourite ways to make a plan and guarantee harmony and plenty of chatter when dinner is served.

1.     Visit the venue

Before you get started, pay a visit to the venue and see what you have to work with. They’ll be able to let you know how many tables you can comfortably fit inside the space, which shape they are and how many they’ll seat. 

Once you have this basic information, and have laid out how you’d like the tables arranged, you’ll have a better starting-off point. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of room on the top table; you’ll want to see all your guests enjoying themselves!


 2.     Make sure everyone knows at least one person

A wedding is a joyous occasion, so help everyone get into the spirit by creating tables filled with people that have something to mingle over. If you know that two guests share an interest, seating them next to each other is a great way to help the conversation flow and makes for a great atmosphere.


Alterative suggestion

Let fate decide! Pick guests’ names out of a hat to create a totally random arrangement that makes mingling essential.

3.     Divide to unite

To make sure you get an even distribution of guests, you can create a list of three columns: the first for the guests’ names, the second for their relationship to the couple and the third for characteristics or specific interests. You’ll be able to use this to create tables of people with a relationship or interest in common.

 4.     Singles and couples mix and match

Weddings are great places for guests to make new friends and even kindle new romances. Keep couples together and scatter them among the single guests so you create an even mix of the two, for guaranteed frivolity.

Alterative suggestion
Alphabetise your guests—create tables that group people together alphabetically and take some of the planning stress out of the task.

5.     The free for all

If you want to play it free and easy, why not have long trestle tables and let people decide who they want to sit with? This is especially good for couples who want to create a very relaxed vibe at their wedding and aren’t fussed about formalities. 

If you’ve got any table planning suggestions to share, leave a comment in the box below and help others create social harmony on their big day.


Alex Wilkie
27 Nov 2014 10:47
very sound advice
Charlotte Barrett
30 Nov 2014 11:37
great advice for those planning a wedding.
Lukasz and Anna
08 Dec 2014 16:15
oh thanks for that! We're still trying to decide how to display our guests names... Love the cup idea!
15 Oct 2015 14:13
excellent advice - thanks

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