6 Valentine’s Day cards that will make your day

On this most romantic of occasions, we asked ourselves how we could impress customers like you (fellow attractive print obsessives). Although we’d rather have rented a singing kiss-o-gram for each and every one of you, we settled on this humorous and suggestive set of cards.

We celebrate a fanaticism for bacon while communicating our affection for you
funny valentines card bacon

Your appearance is enjoyed
valentines card visually enjoy you

Casual yet suave greeting
funny valentines card hey hot stuff

Crude *and* delicious
funny valentines card - pizza you

Ask the bill payer’s permission first
funny valentines card call me maybe

Express your true felines...

funny valentines card cats meow

We hope you enjoyed this whimsical Valentine’s Day treatif you did, pass a little humour on and share the post or the images inside it with someone you care about today. Double dare you.


13 Feb 2015 16:09
I'd rather have one of these sent to me, rather than a singing kiss-o-gram, thanks very much! BTW is that Gesso I see in the pics?
13 Feb 2015 17:55
I love these - so cute!
David Brookes
14 Feb 2015 20:15
Love these
Alex Wilkie
23 Feb 2015 11:03
this is a terrific looking range.
Stuart Glegg
20 Mar 2015 09:00
Cool stuff, simple always best
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 15:04
Great designs!
Flourish and Luxe
07 Feb 2018 13:49
These are wonderful!

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