6 gorgeously geeky wedding themes

Put down your mint-condition action figures and listen up! Traditional white weddings aren’t for everyone, so here are a few suggestions on ways you can incorporate your favourite fantasy and sci-fi movies and franchises into your special day.

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming….and so is the bride. The HBO fantasy series is a perfect excuse for throne-room style opulence on your big day—think wall hangings, candles, feasts and majestic swords.  Just don’t massacre any of the guests….


Lord of the Rings

When you find that one special person you’d gladly go all the way to Mordor for, only a Lord of the Rings wedding will do. You can mix gorgeous wild flower bouquets and flowing elven gowns with cool swords and well-manicured beards. Let’s just hope the groom doesn’t turn invisible when you slip that ring on….


Star Wars

If the force is strong with you, why not channel a wedding theme from a galaxy far, far away? Death Star decadence can be interpreted in a number of ways, and with so many characters, your wedding party will be spoiled for choice when raiding the local costume shop.


The Little Mermaid

If you’re a bride (or groom) that wants to be where the people are, then why not try a Little Mermaid-themed wedding on for size? It seems that the trend for all things Disney is never going to end, so your wedding will still be in vogue twenty years from now!

Phantom of the Opera

This is less about creepy, phantom stalkers and more about enduring love and the romance of opera. Imagine the guests’ faces as you belt out an aria in a floor-length period gown before being whisked away by a masked lover? It’s utterly swoon-worthy. If you can find a secret underground, candle-strewn lair to hold the ceremony in, then you’re winning.



Is there a better way to tell someone “I choose you”? We certainly don’t think so! Work your wedding theme around these Japanese monsters and you’re sure to be the Pokémon Master of your big day. What with all the stationery and accessory options available, the cute-factor on a day like this would be through the roof.

Do you have any ideas for themed weddings that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment and get your geek on.


Charlotte Barrett
07 Dec 2014 21:16
Love this I've just done some work for a monopoly themed wedding!
Lukasz Caban
08 Dec 2014 16:00
My girl will love this article
Jennie Whittaker
08 Dec 2014 20:30
I had a Mario themed wedding! :)

Alex Wilkie
17 Dec 2014 11:03
just attended a halloween themed wedding, it made for an interesting occasion
18 Dec 2014 14:29
Wow Charlotte, please share those designs, that sounds fab!
18 Dec 2014 14:41
Jennie, that is amazing, and obviously made with love too! How long did it take?

Alex, do you have pictures? We'd love to see that!

Lukasz - You're girl sounds great!
Jemma Winchester
22 Jan 2015 22:48
I've designed a few themes, Beetles, Batman & Mrs marvel, love a theme :)
23 Jan 2015 16:58
Jemma, they sound fab #showitoff or just email me, I want to see them all ( I love a good theme too!)
24 Jan 2015 00:15
Game of Throne theme...makes me think of the Red Wedding! Guess it would certainly be memorable!!
09 Feb 2015 22:43
I would love to do work for a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings theme wedding!
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
21 May 2015 10:58
Great post! I love working with couples who just want to go for it! xox
18 Oct 2015 12:58
It's the way to do it - great fun :-)

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