Five ingenious ways our customers use postcards

The creativity of you, our wonderful customers, never ceases to amaze us here in the office. There isn’t a day that goes by when we aren’t wowed by an amazing design or ingenious new use for printed products. Some ideas are just so good that we feel they need to be shared, so here are five amazing ways we’ve seen the postcards you’ve ordered from us being used recently.


RSPV cards

Along with the invitations, RSVP cards are one of the most important elements of wedding stationery. They let the bride and groom-to-be know how many of their closest friends and relatives will be with them on the biggest day of their lives. Our luxury postcards are very popular for this type of wedding stationery.

Jewellery stands

We work with lots of craftspeople who sell their products online and in stores. We’ve noticed a few very clever clogs use postcards with a few strategically placed holes to hold jewellery, display it nicely and stop any small parts getting damaged or tangled. We love the way that it enhances the look of the basic product. Postcards are fantastic for larger items like necklaces and bracelets but business cards could be a great alternative for smaller items such as earrings.


Packing cards

We’ve seen a few boutiques on and offline using postcards to add a lovely finishing touch to their packaging. Tuck a postcard in to your perfect packaging before sending out or hand-wrapping your products to give a high-end boutique finish. You can add your business details, new products or even a special offer to keep your customers coming back for more – it’s a good advertising tool.



We've recently noticed a real surge in the number of artists and illustrators using postcards as artcards to promote their work and sell at exhibitions. Having cards of your artwork for sale is a form of marketing, as well as a way to earn a little income. Whether someone keeps the card or posts it, they've been able to select a tiny piece of your creativity to enjoy. A few weeks ago we chatted to illustrator Faye Moorhouse about how she uses postcards. 


Alternative to a wedding guest book

Recently we’ve come across a few couples using postcards instead of a guest book at their weddings. They offer individual cards for people to write on, which we can be kept by the couple and bound or stuck in to a scrapbook to create a guest book. We think this is a great idea in the office: there is nothing more tedious than waiting in line to sign the guest book while the person in front of you writes an essay! We’ve seen some beautiful cards printed with the couple’s names and the date on one side, and left blank on the other side for the guests to write on.


We often get asked what kind of finish we recommend for postcards. For a traditional postcard appearance we recommend a heavy, 350gsm silk stock, with lamination. For something a little different and more high-end, our luxury postcards come in a range of seven papers, which opens up endless possibilities. 

Let us know how you’ve been using your postcards by commenting below or by sending us a tweet with a picture using the #ShowItOff hashtag. 


David Brookes
15 May 2014 13:43
I defo use them for RSVP cards :-)
Rich Gee
15 May 2014 14:14
We used postcards for a 'Save the Date' design, we'll send with a small magnet for the fridge :)
david Joyce
16 May 2014 21:15
We provide postcards to estate agents. A great way to promote and to utilise the image side of an area or village etc.
claire cresswell
17 May 2014 14:22
I use them for loads of things. Save the Dates, RSVP cards, song request cards and for sending thank you messages to my customers :)
Karla Hall
19 May 2014 10:36
Inspiring to see the different uses for the postcard range.
Alex Wilkie
19 May 2014 14:35
bookmark is the obvious choice for me
09 Mar 2016 13:11
love these ideas, particularly the art cards :D!!!!

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