5 things you never knew you could use a brochure for

There are many tried and tested ways to use a bound brochure: portfolios, dissertations, reports, product catalogues—the list goes on. If you’re one of those that likes to think outside the box, then we have a few interesting, slightly unusual but definitely diverse ways to start using those bound brochures to your advantage.

Order of Service
Now don’t get us wrong, the Wedding Collection has some gorgeous order of services, but when you want a few more pages to work with, a saddle stitched brochure might be better suited to the job. You won’t be able to enjoy all the same luxury papers as the Wedding Collection counterpart, but you’ll be able to add up to 40 pages. Now that’s a lot of hymns and readings…

Colouring book
Colouring books have come back in a big way—for grown-ups as well as kids. You can create your own really easily by selecting an uncoated paper for your inner pages and uploading some of your most popular designs, minus the colour. Depending how many pages you want your book to have, you could use saddle stitched brochures, wiro bound or perfect bound for these.

Coffee table book
Photographers and designers, it’s time for you to celebrate your work! Take your most successful projects, showcases, shots and designs to create glossy books that display your imagery, your way. Perfect bound brochures are the best way to create a professional, luxurious coffee table book.

Event programmes
The first thing you want to do after having your entry ticket torn? Get your hands on an event programme. They’re the best way to tell event attendees what’s on, where everything is, or for a timetable and sponsor ads. Saddle stitched brochures and perfect bound brochures are our go-to choice for these.

Direct mail
Direct mail pieces aren’t just about postcards and flyers. Using a bound brochure for your next campaign or promotion gives you the freedom to tell your customers a story and take them on a journey as you inform them. You can even add cut out vouchers for an added treat.

Is there anything you think we’ve missed? Drop a comment in the box below and share the different ways you’ve used a bound brochure.


Anne-Charlotte S
11 Dec 2015 18:44
Great ideas!
Lauren Parker
21 Feb 2016 13:34
Like these ideas, I was thinking of a promo item like a little catalog for my work to send out to clients! People always like receiving things in the mail.
09 Apr 2016 14:13
producing colouring books this way is particularly interesting - I'm exploring this at the moment
Bryony Bishop
11 May 2017 08:30
Awesome ideas!

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