Five roads to World Cup marketing glory

Can you feel it yet? Today is the start of the biggest football tournament in the world and the football fever is starting to rise. For the next four weeks, we will be bombarded with goals, samba, winners, losers and of course lots of clever marketing campaigns using the worldwide buzz to their advantage.

For every business, no matter how small, this is a great opportunity to get swept up by the Brazilian tunes and create a unique marketing campaign. And you don’t need the budgets of a global brand to make your campaign a success – everyone can join in.


To help kick you off (hehe), here are five tips to help you form your game strategy:

1. Unite your fans

Britain is the home of football, and our relationship with the game goes back centuries. People are more passionate about the game here than anywhere else in the world. England as a nation will be more united than ever and stand as one behind Roy Hodgson’s men. If you can tap into this sentiment and create excitement among your customers, you are on your way to a successful campaign. Here is a great example of a campaign that successfully tapped into the World Cup fever.

But you don’t need Sony’s budgets or the help of former English football managers to create a successful campaign. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great places to have low-budget, high impact campaigns. Apps such as Offerpop help you set up campaigns quickly and cheaply.


2. Celebrate

Another way to unite your fans is to host an event with a Brazilian theme. Brazil is synonymous with carnival and samba dancing. Use beautifully designed invitations, specially created menus and attractive posters to announce the festivities. Let your designs be inspired by the bright Brazilian colours of yellow, blue and green and be led by the rhythm and energy that Brazil is so famous for.


3. Keep some talent on the bench

By that I mean: be prepared for any scenario. Having the ability to change your plans according to live events means your campaigns will be able capitalise on the sentiment of the moment. For example, have something prepared for when England wins, loses, goes through after the group stages, wins the tournament (one can dream!) or goes out (one has to be realistic). A great way to do this is to offer fans a deal in the form of flash sales that take advantage of the fever pitch following an exciting event. For example in a pub, you can offer half-price drinks every time England scores a goal. Don’t forget to promote the offer through your marketing channels using leaflets, posters and banners!


4. Avoid penalties

England has a difficult relationship with World Cup penalties and as a small business you’d be wise to avoid them in your marketing campaign, too. You are free to use the World Cup in your marketing provided you don’t break any FIFA rules. Instead, think outside the penalty box and use the theme, the country or general football imagery to create a buzz. Here are the official guidelines by FIFA which takes you through the details of what is and, importantly, what isn’t allowed during the World Cup.


5. Play overtime

The effects of Brazil hosting the World Cup will continue to resonate long after the tournament is finished. If you are a designer, why not let your designs be inspired by Brazil or its culture. Create summer versions of your own designs or create a whole new portfolio full of samba, Rio de Janeiro and carnival. The choices are plenty.

In summary, use your imagination and creativity, be prepared and avoid penalties – you won't regret it. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the tournament yourself; it only comes once every four years.

May the best team win!



13 Jun 2014 09:24
Another really interesting blog post.

Really useful information including the link to the FIFA guidelines.

Keep 'em coming!
Geeta Vara
13 Jun 2014 14:42
Very interesting blog post.

Keeping up with the spirit of summer throughout the world.

Look forward to more news from
Alex Wilkie
11 Jul 2014 08:52
wish i had seen this earlier, really interesting

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