5 photography blogs you won’t want to miss

From photography for business to fashion—no matter where your interest lies, there’s something here for you. We break down our top five must-read photography blogs.

sprout photography blog

Sprout is named for the ‘sprouting photographers’ that read it. If you’re in the industry, you’ll be able to find tools to help you grow your business and if you’re new, you can find articles that will help you learn the art. A plethora of photographers and industry professionals fill this blog to bursting with brilliant bits that will help you grow and learn.

feature shoot photography blog

Feature Shoot
If you’re keen to keep your finger on the pulse of the new and emergent trends of photography, we’d recommend browsing Feature Shoot. This blog keeps close track of new and well established photographers, showcasing work that will inspire and inform anyone with an interest in the art form. You can find interviews, features and a bit of social interaction on Tumblr and Instagram.

tiffinbox photography blog

Tiffinbox is run by professional photographer, Seshu, and is great for rooting out inspirational imagery. This blog features tutorials, inspirational videos and features by other professionals in the industry and has even managed to secure a place in The Modern Tog’s top 10 photography blogs three years in a row.

photography spark photography blog

Photography Spark
Photography Spark is a blog geared more towards professional photographers and freelancers looking for a bit of business support. You’ll be able to find posts on how to create a marketing plan, how to go solo and how to gain more clients. This is a must-read for anyone looking to make photography their business.

the sartorialist photography blog

The Sartorialist
This one is for the lifestyle and fashion photography enthusiasts: The Sartorialist was founded by blogger/photographer Scott Schuman as a means to create a “two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life”. He has worked with big names like GQ, Vogue Italia, The Gap and Burberry. Street fashion from around the world is fused with fabric shots and runway action shots on this cutting-edge blog.

Anything you think we’ve missed? Drop a comment in the box below and share your favourite photography blogs with us.


Su Mwamba
10 Jan 2015 07:34
Sadly, I'm photographically-challenged - but it's still nice to be inspired by people who know what they're doing. Thanks for the links! :)
Alex Wilkie
13 Jan 2015 14:55
invaluable information well done
Stuart Glegg
14 Jan 2015 12:17
Can definitely recommend sprout, I'll take a look at these other ones too
17 Jan 2015 07:13
Great info.... Very useful!
Charlotte Barrett
02 Feb 2015 18:23
Will definitely have a look at these!
10 Feb 2015 16:49
As a photographer, this was a great read! Thanks x
22 Apr 2016 13:00
Thanks for sharing these links :)
05 May 2016 15:22
useful links

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