5 of the best TED Talks for creatives

There's a lot of well, let's face it, total rubbish out there on the internet. But there's one corner that shines as a beacon of quality edutainment amid the darkness of reaction videos and round-the-clock giant puddle watching - and that corner is called TED.  

For any who haven't come across this great non-profit organisation and its website and various social channels yet, it's name stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and it's been informing and inspiring the online world with its events and talk videos since 1984. As long as you can do it in 18 minutes or less anyone can share their work, passions and projects.

Unsurprising there's a wealth of wonderful creative folk who've taken to the various conference and TED Talk stages around the world, and we've picked five of (in our opinion) the best of recent times. So with out further ado we bring you...


The one with the 'Don' of Typefaces

Does the name Matthew Carter ring a bell? Don't worry if it doesn't, we're sure that the names Verdana, Georgia and Bell Centennial will. In this insightful talk the man behind these famous typefaces (and more), takes you on a vivid journey through a precise yet creative career focused on every last pixel of each letter of these popular fonts. Read all about it (and watch it) here.

The one that tells you how to turn your account manager into a 'creative'

How can we bring our creativity to those every-day tasks and make our work more engaging and inventive? Harvard professor Linda Hill (co-author of "Collective Genius") has a few ideas. She's studied some of the world's most dynamic companies and has come up with a set of tools and tactics that will help you, and all the people you work with, unleash your best creative self. See it here. 

The one where art is a message of hope

Art is, above all other things, about communication, and when it comes to making a statement about society and current affairs street artists can often lead the way, especially in areas of the world hit by war or political unrest. A new breed of street artists merging poetry, calligraphy and graffiti are bringing their work to the arena where a message of hope and peace can do the most good. One of these, artist and TED Fellow eL Seed describes his ambition: to create art so beautiful it needs no translation. Experience his work here.

The one with the guy who thinks designs should taste as good as they look

Want to create eye-catching design? Why set the bar so low when you can aim to captivate all five senses. Designer Jinsop Lee (a TED Talent Search winner) introduces his vision for 5-sense design, and aims to inspire us all to notice and create truly multisensory design experiences. Watch it here.

The one with art that loves a bit of quality one-on-one time

Meet artist Aparna Rao and then 'meet' her work - cool, cartoony sculptures (with neat robotic tricks underneath them) that play with your perception — and absolutely love a bit of human interaction. Don't we all. Discover more here.


What are your favourite TED Talks? Do share with us.


05 May 2016 14:04
this is new to me, thanks
15 Mar 2017 11:53
i'd never heard of this before either, looks interesting

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