Five most common direct mail mistakes

As a small or start up business, direct mail is one of the most effective ways you can promote your business and engage with your local community which is why it is continually used by companies of all sizes. Just think of all the leaflets and flyers you get through your letterbox for pizza companies large and small.

However, direct mail isn’t easy to get right so we’ve put together a short list of some of the most common mistakes so you know exactly what you should avoid while you’re working on your direct mail campaign.

• Poor copy

Poor quality copy and spelling mistakes will lead to people losing respect and faith in your company and certainly will not encourage potential customers to engage with your brand as it isn’t professional.

• Not including contact info

Common sense, we know, but an easy mistake to make. It’s one of the most obvious things you need to include but occasionally people are so absorbed by creating the perfect design that the simplest things slip their mind. You just need to remember, how can people engage with your brand if you haven’t told them how? You should also always include your social media accounts as these days these are the first places many people will start to research your brand.

• Not stressing the benefits

Why should people want to engage with your brand? What’s in it for them? Emphasise why people should be using your brand rather than others.

• Not including a promotion

Promotions and discounts are two of the most effective ways you can convert people into customers. Everyone loves free stuff and you’ll find that you’re likely to see higher levels of engagement through these mailers than through those without.

• No testing

Testing is one of the basic fundamentals of direct mail. Testing gives you an insight into whether or not your campaign will be successful or it will highlight the areas where you’re going wrong. Whether it’s through your design, lists or choice of promotion.

If you’ve made any other mistakes through your direct mail campaigns, let us know in the comments below

If you’re keen to get started on your direct mail but are worried about the cost and want to make it as easy as possible, try using our MailShot manager.


05 Dec 2015 13:43
Excellent advice :)

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