5 essentials you need to be a professional photographer

Everyone likes to fit in (deny it all you want, we’ve read your diary), and here at, we like to help our customers wherever we can. In the interest of helping you guys climb the social and professional ladder; we’ve put together a guide to help you infiltrate your chosen crowd and to get the job done once you’ve made it.

Disclaimer: if you’re horribly offended by generalised social and professional stereotypes, look away now!

The photographer

If you thought designers were cool, you’ve obviously never seen a real life photographer up close. These guys invented cool.

1)     Gaffer tape

Need a floor marker? Gaffer tape. Need to stick it upright? Gaffer tape. A bit of your prop fell off? Need we say it…gaffer tape. There’s nothing this roll of self-adhesive joy can’t do, and if you’re going to be accepted by the photographer’s crowd, you’ll need to nab yourself some ASAP.


2)     Sunshine

If you’ve already got yourself a pocketful of sunshine, you’re well in. Natural light is a photographer’s bread and butter, but if you are cursed with eternal cloud cover, a couple of natural light bulbs or a lightbox will do.


3)     A bigger camera than the guy next to you

Bigger is better, and newer is best. The larger your camera, the more professional you are. It’s a well-known fact, actually. If you’re confident that you already have the biggest camera, you’ll want to move on to massive lenses next.


4)     Spare batteries

Keep a couple of spare batteries about, just in case your gargantuan camera dies. In fact— stuff your pockets with them. Better to be safe than sorry.


5)     Comfy shoes

If you’re aren’t traipsing across the grounds of a huge manor house getting shots of the happy couple, you’ll be climbing hills and trudging through woodland to get the perfect shot for your portfolio.  We’re not saying they need to be frumpy, just comfy.

That concludes the final instalment of our ultimate guide–if you have any questions, leave them in the box below and our creative profiling experts will get back to you in due course.



David Brookes
24 Jul 2014 13:47
Love number 3 "A bigger camera than the guy next to you" #cameraenvy
jill tse
25 Jul 2014 13:01
lol at number 3 haha
Alex Wilkie
30 Jul 2014 12:10
size matters ;-)
Peter Burch
02 Aug 2014 17:46
re: 2) Sunshine

A photographer I once worked with used an app where you enter a postcode and it will tell you what direction the sun would come in from at any given time in the day. Perfect for getting back-lighted photos similar to your example!
02 Aug 2014 22:33
#3 The guy next to you is an amateur enthusiast who asks what lens you're using to show he knows what he's talking about and pops up in front of you when you're trying to take the 'must-get' shots...
24 Sep 2014 15:50
Hahaha number 3!
Bryony Bishop
25 Apr 2017 14:11
All very true!

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